Official release: January 17, 2016

Legal for Tournament Play: February 16, 2016


Vampire: Elder Kindred Network's fourth expansion for Vampire: the Eternal Struggle is Anarchs Unbound, which focuses on  the rabble-rousing revolutionaries of the Anarch Movement - those Kindred who reject the Traditions of the Camarilla and stifling order of their elders. The expansion is released in PDF format.

The set contains 24 crypt cards and 18 library cards. The crypt cards span Groups 1 through 6.




Rulebook Clarifications:
  • [6.1.3 EquipTo equip with one or more equipment cards currently possessed by one of your other minions, tap the acting minion (the minion who is attempting to get the equipment cards) and announce the equipment cards he is getting. If the action is unsuccessful, the equipment cards remain where they are.
  • Strike: burn equipment: When declaring such strikes, choose which equipment on the opposing minion the strike will burn. [new term]
  • [6.1.2 Hunt Note that a ready vampire with no blood must hunt (and cannot take any action except a hunt action).
Banned cards:
The following cards are banned from Tournament Play starting February 16, 2016.
  • Anthelios, The Red Star
  • Temptation of Greater Power
  • Seeds of Corruption





Before printing out the PDF files, make sure that Page Scaling is set to "None".





Appolonius (Advanced) Brujah
Salvador Garcia Brujah
Ariane Brujah
Gengis (Advanced) Brujah
Marguerite Foccart (Advanced) Brujah
Jenna Cross Caitiff
Tori Longwood Caitiff
Maldavis (Advanced) Caitiff
Zack North (Advanced) Gangrel
Crow Gangrel
Danielle Diron (Advanced) Gangrel
Vulture Gangrel
Dancin' Dana (Advanced) Malkavian
Philip van Vermeer IV Malkavian
Sundown (Advanced) Nosferatu
The Medic Nosferatu
Victor Gerard Toreador
Desiree Narayan, Anarch Historian Ravnos
Irena Ravnos
Javier Montoya (Advanced) Tremere
Monica Chang Tremere
Daliah Tzimisce
Boss Callihan (Advanced) Ventrue
Louis Fortier (Advanced) Ventrue



Adhocracy Action Modifier
Bollix Combat
Carfax Abbey Master
Donnybrook Combat
Dust Up Combat
Eat the Rich Political Action
Field Training Action
Guardian Vigil Reaction
Hackerspace Master
Illegalism Action
Legacy Action
Make the Misere Action
Memory Rift Action Modifier
Netwar Reaction
Ni Dieu ni Maître Action Modifier
Propaganda of the Deed Action Modifier
Protection Racket Reaction
The Red Question Action Modifier


The Proxy Survey
N = 440

1) For each kind of event, please choose if you want to allow proxies:

  No Proxies Proxies with limits (see below) Proxies without limits
Standard events 19,1% 84 28,2% 124 57% 232
Continental Championship Qualifiers 30,2% 133 27,0% 119 42,7% 188
National Championships 36,1% 159 24,1% 106 39,8% 175
Continental Championships 41,6% 183 21,8% 96 36,6% 161

2) Do you think a new tournament format, in which proxies would be allowed, should be created? (This only matters if you answered "No" to every format above)

Yes 19,5% 86
Yes, but with a limitation (see below) 15,5% 68
No 39,8% 175
No preference 25,2% 111

Hey everyone!

We have a significant enough backlog of Storyline reward cards that we've decided to change our production schedule a bit. Playtest for the Storyline reward cards began yesterday and will run until the end of January. There are 13 total cards in that batch, including cards from The Returned, the Budapest EC storyline, Battle Lines, the Palma de Mallorca EC storyline, and the Lisbon storyline event from 2009. There are 13 cards, 10 of which already have artwork, and we're aiming for a February release.

Development for the Anarch set has been ongoing, and we plan to finish development by the end of this year, finalize cards, and then begin playtesting in early January. We're still hoping to release the set at the 2015 EC in Warsaw, but it's going to be tight. We'll be sure to keep you all informed as things progress!

- Ben Peal and the V:EKN Design Team

November 2015

Onebookshelf V:TES project stopped
As many of you already know, OneBookShelf was in negotiations with Wizards of the Coast for the Wizards license and with CCP Games for the World of Darkness license, in order to bring V:TES back in print.


On the one hand, the cost of the Wizards license, which was not disclosed, was never mentioned as an issue by Onebookshelf, so negotiations continued.

Managing the project would involve a review and approval process for artwork and content before the Wizards imprint could be added to a product. Unfortunately there was nobody at Wizards who had ever worked on Jyhad/V:TES, which, added to the lack of interest by anyone internally at Wizards to manage the project, led Wizards to inform Onbookshelf that they were definitely not interested in pursuing a V:TES project.

Ben Peal sent a message to personal contacts in Wizards' Research and Development department inquiring about the possibility of anyone they knew of in the company who would be interested in managing the project. But no response was received.

On the other hand, CCP Games suspended the negotiations after they cancelled the World of Darkness Online, saying that they were re-evaluating their properties to determine what to do with them going forward, which led to a sale of the White Wolf properties to Paradox.

Furthermore, the V:EKN Design Team, at the request of Onebookshelf back in November 2014, developed a concept for a boxed set of Sabbat-themed starter decks intended as the launch product for a Kickstarter if the licenses were obtained. That Product was almost entirely reprints, but with about a dozen new crypt cards and one new library card.

A graphic designer was contracted and created a mock-up of the box design.

Consequently, the starter decks and the new cards, which were part of the project proposal to Wizards and CCP, were tested from December 2014 to January 2015. So had the licenses been acquired, the Kickstarter would have been launched the very next day.

The V:EKN Design Team is to release those cards designed as part of a Sabbat-themed PDF mini-set in 2016.


After this chain of events, there was an in-person meeting with Steve Wieck (owner of, on the board of directors for CCP), Johannes Walch (partner in and member of the VEKN Inner Circle), and Ben Peal (Design Team Leader) in Germany.

Steve pointed out that OneBookShelf was only interested in publishing V:TES, not any other WOD-themed CCG. Therefore, a non-VTES WOD-themed CCG would require a different publisher.

Steve Wieck also informed that CCP was not interested in licensing the World of Darkness IP for a V:TES-compatible collectible card game that cut out the Wizards properties, mainly because CCP was concerned about a possible lawsuit from Wizards.


1. Continuing the production of PDF sets to keep promoting V:TES, while contacting Paradox for the publication of V:TES.

2. Allowing proxy cards in tournaments, so that new players can have access to difficult-to-acquire cards, in which regard, the VEKN is conducting as of today an online survey for everyone interested to give their opinion on the subject.


Official release: April 16, 2015

Legal for Tournament Play: May 16, 2015
This is the final card from the Storyline Rewards 2015 mini-set. It was held from the main release as we were still waiting for its artwork. The previous artist assigned to this card ran to unforseen complications, so Ginés Quiñonero stepped up and got the artwork done.

As for the card itself, it is the Advanced version of Masika. The card's origins start in a storyline event in Lisbon, Portugal in May of 2009, regarding the conflict in the power vacuum that appeared after Monçada's final death:

This storyline continued in the Friday 13th Storyline at the 2009 EC, where Masika was rewarded for his assistance of the Tremere by being granted the domain of Lisbon: