October 4, 2017 (Last updated April 28, 2018)

The VEKN, the Inner Circle, the National Coordinators and all tournament organizers involved are proud to introduce you the V:TES European Grand Prix Circuit 2017/2018, also known as the VEG for those who like acronyms.

The VEG is a circuit where you can get
- great prizes for winning,
- exclusive surprises,
- ranking points,
- direct qualification for events,
... but above all, gather 5 great tournaments in a general circuit for a lot of additional fun.

In general, when referring to a circuit, we are thinking:
- Common structure
- Global ranking
- Exclusive rewards

I’ll now introduce the places where we are all going to have fun in Europe during the years 2017/2018, and then I’ll explain you precisely what you will be able to get at the tournaments.

I also want to tell you that we are doing an announcement now so that everybody can anticipate those tournaments, even if all details are not carved in stone or decided yet. It will give you a general idea of what we are aiming at with the VEG.

Bologna – Italy (9 and 10th of December 2017)
The Italian V:tES Community is glad to invite you at the first Grand Prix ever held in Italy. The tournament will be organized in Bologna, a great city in the northern part of the country, on December 9th and 10th. On Saturday, 9th, a Standard Constructed tournament with some special prizes will be run. On Sunday, 10th will be held the Grand Prix.

Bologna is a destination for Ryanair flight. If you are planning a short vacation, you are 1 hour away from Florence and Venice, 2 from Milan and less than 4 from Rome (by train).

The local community is currently choosing the best location for the tournament and a selection of suitable accommodations. Keep track for their announcement, coming very soon.

Mechelen, Belgium (24th and 25th of February 2018)
When you think V:tES, you can’t miss Belgium in the background picture, especially as a Nosferatu. As travelers, they set foot on every European championship since the beginning of the game. As hosts, they will now get the chance to show you with the legendary Belgian hospitality, fifth tradition.

Come and discover the wonderful Belgian life, have great time playing during a whole week-end in a great Belgian city. Brussels is not confirmed yet but I know that we will have more details soon, and it’s going to be great.

Updated details about the event at the forum: [VEG] Belgian Grand Prix, Brussels (Mechelen): 24/02/18 - 25/02/18 and on Facebook: VTES Grand prix [BE] 24/02/18 - 25/02/18

Madrid (in fact Alcalá de Henares) – Spain (28th and 29th April 2018) – The Ibérico GP
Organized by the coordinators of Spain and Portugal of V:EKN, the cultural association Alcala nocturnal and sponsored by the store Alcala comics and the city council of the city of Alcala de Henares.

Alcala de Henares, a World Heritage City, is a central town located 30 kilometers from Madrid, the capital of Spain. The tournament will be held on Saturday 28th with the Grand Prix format, in addition to another tournament on Sunday 29th if there are enough participants. The cultural center "La galatea" hosts both tournaments. This cultural center is located just 500 meters from the commercial park "Atenea"

Details at Facebook: Grand Prix Ibérico

Budapest, Hungary (28th and 29th April 2018)
Budapest has been home to the first Grand Prix of history, and, as such, we would not leave the first VEG without them.
As for now, we don’t really know exactly where and when the tournament will be held, but giving the two wonderful European Championships in Budapest, and the successful Grand Prix organized there, I can only prepare myself for a huge experience next year.

Details at V:TES Hungarian Grand Prix

Helsinki – Finland (Ropecon, 27th to 29th July 2018)
The Helsinki Grand Prix is held at Ropecon gaming convention which is the largest gaming convention in Finland (and Europe's largest convention organized by volunteers) with around 4000 people having a non-stop experience of all things gaming related during one weekend.

Ropecon has it all: lectures, presentations, discussions, RPGs, LARPs, card-, board and miniature gaming. Both casual and competitive tournaments. The overall feel to the convention is extremely casual and approachable. Attendance fee for the whole weekend has been around 40 euros and daily passes around 25 euros. The convention also offers free accommodation in the form of large hall where you can sleep in your own sleeping bag so budget attendance is possible.

The VTES tournament in Ropecon has traditionally been second only to European Championships in attendance, often with more or less just Finnish players. And besides the big tournament, a draft tournament has been also run during one the other convention days.

Updated details at the forum: Finnish Grand Prix Helsinki / Ropecon

Facebook: VTES Grand Prix Helsinki (Ropecon)

OK, it’s cool to have a circuit, but what is the benefit of the VEG?
For months, the VEKN, with the help of organizers, has given deep thoughts about how to give players a real great experience during each Grand Prix weekends. Here is the list of things you will be able to win during the Grand Prix season.

Through each Grand Prix:
- Exclusive Ultra pro prizes thanks to the Ultra Pro support to the VEG
- Artwork prize for the winner of each Grand Prix
- Points for the Grand Prix ranking,
- Points for the VEKN ranking, Grand Prix will each have the level of ECQ as for points obtained,
- Winner to be qualified for the Grand Prix final which will be held during the European Championship in Warsaw,
- Winner to be invited for the entrance fee of EC and qualified for legendary vampire tournament (if any) and EC day 2 directly.

Through the global ranking and the participation:
As previously said, players will be qualified for the GP final if they win a Grand Prix. As a Grand Prix Final must have 5 players, if a player win 2 GP or if some winners are not in Warsaw, the final will be completed with the best players in the global GP ranking.

The finals will give:
- exclusive prizes to all finalists
- a great prize for the winner
- a crypt card representing him/her for the winner of the final

In addition, there will be a special – and hopefully very nice – prize for players that will attend all the 5 Grand Prix tournaments and the players ranked 1 to 10 in the VEG ranking overall.

Ranking will be given as such:
Winner: 25 points
Finalists: 15 points
6th: 10 points
7th: 9 points
8th: 8 points
9th: 7 points
10th: 6 points
All other participants: 3 points

We hope you get the general idea of what we are trying to do here. I hope everything will run smoothly this year, and I’ll add more detail from now on, so please follow us on the different VEKN pages to get updated on the tournaments.

Best regards,
Orian Gissler (TTC_master)
V:EKN Inner Circle Organized Play Coordinator