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18 Aug 2013 16:00 #53377 by Lönkka
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James Lin wrote: Library: Wider View
SNIP Ever become less threatening on the table with lesser pool but then when you're borderline ousted, you can burn off at least 2 of them to gain at least 4 pool?

Burning several at one go is kinda hard as it takes 4 transfers to burn one. Also you actually gain just 1 pool per WV since the cost of the card is 1 pool which you've already invested for the card.

But yeah, I totally agree, WV is an awesome card and I usually add at least one in any deck. More if it is a star deck.

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25 Nov 2013 15:57 #57109 by Xexyz
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Elder Kindred Network - Unfortunately my playgroup has acclimated to my use of this card, so I don't oust with it as much anymore. But to those who aren't used it, my victims find that no amount of pool will save them.

Call the Great Beast - Because that's when the fun begins...


So many I couldn't possibly decide. My current favorate is probably Helena.

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