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Hi Methuselahs,

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this tournament was a rather last-minute organizational affair.
I am posting this to see if there are enough interested parties to attend this Saturday, if not, we will reschedule for after the summer.
If you would be interested to attend this event in Zagreb, please RSVP to the facebook event, and/or list any of your friends that would attend who are not members of the madness network.
If there are not enough applications by Wednesday (12.06.2019.), we will withdraw the event.

FB event:
VEKN event:

Thanks for your time, and happy hunting.



After the loss of the Giant's Blood, the elders of Zagreb have tightened their grip on the city and increased their stronghold security tenfold!
As a result, their paranoia has damaged the reputation and the regular functioning of the city and Kindred society to such an extent that the only way to proceed seems to be to mount a daring Day Operation!


VTES Tournament
Day Operation: Zagreb

Saturday, 15.06.2019.
Media klub Zagreb
Trg žrtava fašizma 14

Format: Preconstructed Standard
Fee: 50HRK (~7EUR)
Proxies: no
No. of rounds: 3+F
Round duration: 2h / 2h+10m per oust (F)
Multi-judge system: yes



All participants:
Eight promos, one each of The Dracon, The Capuchin, Montano, Lord Tremere, Mithras, Angelique, Dan Murdock and Mariana Gilbert

Final table:
1) All finalists: one choice from Anthology I, Libertine Ball, Pact with Nephandi, Parliament of Shadows or Den of Fiends
2) In addition, the winner gets 2x Nergal, 2x Nergal ADV + one choice from 2xThe Dracon, 2xThe Capuchin, 2xMontano, 2xLord Tremere, 2xMithras, 2xYazid Tamari ADV, 2xMenele ADV, 2xKarsh ADV or 2xHelena ADV
3) The rest of the finalists: a draft (in random finalist order) of two sets of vampires among the remaining listed above (2) after the winner chooses


RSVP to this event by 12.06.2019. 23:59:59


There is a planned break of 25 mins. between each round, and, in good Zagreb tradition, there will be sustenance available for free for all participating Kindred at the event.

All are welcome!


Tournament instructions/rules/guidelines:

Prince of Zagreb, Croatia
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