times TWD EC 2015 Last Chance Qualifier

10 Sep 2015 11:32 - 07 Oct 2015 10:29 #73010 by Otso
I believe this is the list I won Last Chance with. Maybe someone from the EC organizers can check that the tournament details and the decklist are correct (as I already disassembled the deck back in the EC and there's no list other than the one I gave to judges)?

The deck itself has the usual suspects with AUS PRE. It is inspired by a similiar deck popularized by Martin Weinmeyer's EC win back in 2009 - although with higher caps, more auspex and lacking fortitude and Daring the Dawns. This version has problems with dedicated blockers and stealth vote, but otherwise has proven to be quite resilient with lots of reactions and combat ends, which gives the flexibility to alter your tempo and possibly wait for an opportunity to present itself.

In the preliminary rounds I really would have needed Darings against my ani pro prey. In the second round I got lucky as Kim was one card short of running away with the game, which would have costed me the spot in the finals. And I got lucky again in the finals drawing half of my combat ends in the first quarter of the library against Pascal's Enkidu - but some luck is obviously needed in this game. In the heads-up against Noora's Unnamed the deck transformed into a half-decent block deck.

EC 2015 Last Chance Qualifier
Warsaw, Poland
74 players
Otso Saariluoma

2 Rebekka, Chantry Elder of Munich
2 Jost Werner
1 Sheila Mezarin
1 Ramiel Dupré
1 Felicia Mostrom
1 Mariana Gilbert
1 Violette Prentiss
1 Remilliard, Devout Crusader
1 Gideon Fontaine
1 Isabel de Leon

Masters: 14
2 Anarch Troublemaker
2 Pentex Subversion
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
2 Blood Doll
2 Vessel
1 Wider View
1 Jake Washington
1 Giant’s Blood
1 Direct Intervention

Actions: 25
10 Enchant Kindred
3 Intimidation
2 Legal Manipulations
2 Public Trust
3 Entrancement
5 Mind Numb

Allies: 1
1 Carlton van Wyk

Equipment: 1
1 Heart of Nizchetus

Action Modifiers: 8
1 Change of Target
7 Aire of Elation

Combat: 10
8 Majesty
2 Charismatic Aura

Reactions: 23
3 On the Qui Vive
6 Eyes of Argus
8 Telepathic Misdirection
4 My Enemy’s Enemy
2 Delaying Tactics

Total 82
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10 Sep 2015 16:06 #73019 by Ashur
Always nice to see such a non-cheesy deck win!

"My strategy? Luck is my strategy, of course."

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