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07 Feb 2018 17:53 - 04 Apr 2018 10:01 #85247 by Lönkka
Justicar Retribution Retribution XXXIV: Last Christmas
Helsinki, Finland
December 23rd, 2017
11 players, Standard constructed
Winner: Matias Frosterus

We had 11 players so I decided to merely judge and not play. But one player dropped after 1st round (I'm guessing she-who--must-be-obeyed called and requested presence at home) so I got chance to play after all. Unfortunately in the finals an out of town finalist had to hurry to train back home mere 5-10 minutes before timeout, so I played his deck until the end as any other way would've been complicated.

Matias should post the deck here sooner or later (can hardly be as late as me submitting the Archon. Complicated tournament coupled with newly invented maximun slothfulness = much delays)

NC, Finland
Finnish :POT: Politics!
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13 Mar 2018 20:51 #85723 by Lemminkäinen
Apparently I tried my hardest to win this "being late" thing...

Still, here goes:

Deck Name : Gotsdamn Rides the Dawn Again
Author : Matias
Description :
Basically a !Ventrue Grinder but starring Gotsdam and environmental aggravated to make blocking less appealing.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 5 max: 9 average: 7.5

4x Gotsdam, The Tired 9 AUS DOM FOR PRE ani Ventrue:4
2x Konrad Fleischer 9 ANI AUS DOM FOR tha !Ventrue:4
2x Aimery Methuin 7 AUS DOM FOR ani pot !Ventrue:5
1x Jefferson Foster 6 AUS DOM for tha bishop !Ventrue:4
1x Juniper 6 FOR ani dom pre Ventrue:4
1x Jephta Hester 5 DOM FOR aus !Ventrue:4
1x Neighbor John 5 AUS dom for !Ventrue:4

Library [86 cards]

Action [14]
1x Abbot
1x Entrancement
12x Govern the Unaligned

Action Modifier [17]
4x Bonding
4x Conditioning
5x Dawn Operation
1x Foreshadowing Destruction
3x Mind of the Wilds

Combat [20]
6x Carrion Crows
6x Hidden Strength
2x Indomitability
3x Rolling with the Punches
3x Weighted Walking Stick

Equipment [2]
1x Bowl of Convergence
1x Ivory Bow

Master [13]
2x Animalism
1x Barrens, The
2x Blood Doll
1x Direct Intervention
3x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Perfectionist
2x Wider View

Reaction [18]
6x Deflection
5x Eyes of Argus
3x On the Qui Vive
4x Telepathic Misdirection

Retainer [2]
1x Mr. Winthrop
1x Raven Spy

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Tue Mar 13 22:49:48 2018]
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