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  • Tournament: Zillah's Tears
  • Event Calendar link:
  • Date: Sunday 9th of September 2018
  • Place: ZILLA, Kielotie 14 01300 Vantaa, Finland
  • Players: 11
  • Format: Constructed, 2R+F
  • Organizer&Head Judge: Teemu Pulkkinen
  • Winner: Marko Saari (see below for deck list)

  • A great showdown between Methuselahs from Greater Helsinki area was seen in Vantaa where 1st (of hopefully many) Zillah's Tears tournaments was held. This was the first tournament where I was the main Organizer and also the Head Judge so there was certainly a lot of excitement in air. Everything went a lot smoother than I thought and based on feedback people enjoyed the tournament venue. There will definitely be a sequel and I want to thank everyone who made it to the tournament.

    We even broke one of a kind of record in Finnish VTES history because we tried (at least during my time I don't think this has been ever tried before and I've been playing for nearly 10 years) the system suggested by Archon to make it possible for all 11 people to play and not make the Organizer to sit out which worked really well.

    The final table was as follows:

    Matti Palomäki (Anarch Tremere horde , 3rd seed) bleeding
    Teemu Pulkkinen (Stanislava & co bleed and vote , 4th seed) bleeding
    Marko Oja (Anarchs Unbound allstars, 5th seed) bleeding
    Jani Malmi (Nana Buruku Animalism combat + Ashurs, 1st seed) bleeding
    Marko Saari (Assamite Black Hand multi-act bloat and bleed, 2nd seed)

    The final was full of tension and I think the game was for anyone to take to the last minutes. I (Teemu) managed to oust Marko Oja when an hour or so had passed on the clock which was followed by intense 50ish minutes of people trying to slowly grind their prey's resources while trying to make sure they wouldn't be ousted themselves. With 10 minutes left on the clock Marko Saari after a well executed push managed to oust Matti and after that the game time outed to Marko gaining 1,5 VP and thus winning as higher seed.

    Here is Marko's deck list with some comments from him regarding the final:

    "Jani chose to become my predator and I had really bad first few turns, so I thought that I was going to be ousted first. However, I was able to struggle and stay alive because apparently Jani wasn't drawing enough Deep Songs. Playing third Gehenna while having Watchtower was foolhardy and a mistake and almost cost me the game, but I had to do it to try to hinder Matti's weenies. Having stealth helped me oust Matti in the end." - Marko Saari

    Zillah's Tears

    Vantaa, Finland

    September 9th 2018
    11 players

    Marko Saari

    -- 1gw3vp + 1.5vp in final

    Deck name: Ajetaan lossilla
    Description: Assamite Black Hand & Seraph multiaction bleed & bloat.
    List is lightly modified version of winning deck by Raúl Olvera Abellán.

    Crypt (12):
    3x Karif al Numair 10 AUS CEL OBF QUI for Assamite:5
    3x Izhim abd Azrael 9 CEL OBF QUI THA pot Assamite:5
    3x Djuhah, The Bronze Bow 7 OBF QUI aus cel pre Assamite:5
    1x Nizzam al-Latif 9 ANI CEL OBF QUI dem Assamite:5
    1x Joe "Boot" Hill 7 CEL QUI for obf Assamite:4
    1x Reza Fatir, The Dark Angel 6 CEL QUI obf pro Assamite:4

    Masters (16):

    1 Archon Investigation
    1 Alamut
    2 Dreams of the Sphinx
    1 Drop Point Network
    1 Giant's Blood
    1 Information Highway
    1 Pentex(TM) Subversion
    2 Watchtower: The Wolves Feed
    4 Villein
    1 Minion Tap
    1 Yoruba Shrine

    Actions (36):

    3 Condemn the Sins of the Father
    5 Haqim's Law: Leadership
    2 Khabar: Glory
    10 Loss
    3 Recruitment Exercise
    9 Reunion Kamut
    4 Tattoo Signal

    Equipment/Retainer (4):

    1 Guarded Rubrics
    1 J. S. Simmons, Esq.
    1 Ivory Bow
    1 Sargon Fragment

    Action modifiers (25):

    4 Art of Memory, The
    3 Blood Awakening
    4 Deed the Heart's Desire
    2 Elder Impersonation
    1 Faceless Night
    4 Lost in Crowds
    5 Seraph's Second
    1 Spying Mission
    1 Into Thin Air

    Combo (3)

    3 Swallowed by the Night

    Reaction (1:

    1 Lost in Translation

    Events (4):
    1 Break the Code
    1 Fourth Cycle, The
    1 Thirst
    1 Blood Trade

    Total: 89

    Prince of Tikkurila, known as Teryn in Lackey CCG
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