file Confiscation - Sabbat Parity Shift

17 Jan 2013 22:58 - 17 Jan 2013 23:01 #44184 by Reyda
Ok guy, what do you want me to write down here ?
Parity shift is very strong and may well be the best vote card in existence ?
Yes, it's a possibility. Nowhere it the world did I suggest that parity shift sucks in any way. Happy now ? :silly:

That said, I've also seen Lasombra or !ventrue vote decks make faaar more damage than 5 pool by banishing 2 potential blockers /deflectors and then dish out 12+ points of bleed damage in the same turn. So no, you don't absolutely need parity shift to make something viable.

And for Decapitate : again, I don't really know why it itches so much ? I just mentioned a random card, serving a combat strategy amongst the many you see everyday. It was just here to say "you can't seriously say a strategy should not be played because X or Y card is absent from it". Note that it's different than saying "you could add voter cap since half of your crypt have presence", which i surely did in the past.

Imagination is our only weapon in the war against reality -Jules de Gaultier
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