file [Submission] On the Run (cel/obf bleed defense)

20 Jan 2014 15:53 #58711 by kombainas
At least for Confusion of The Eye, the idea is that obfuscate allows you to trick someone you are someone else. So, playing, with the bleed is ok. Even more, it could be thematically as powerful as reduce bleed to 0 (by turning minion into someone familiar for the bleeder) or bouncing the bleed (by turning into the bleeding minion superior and giving new orders). However, obfuscate is strong as it is, and hardly needs another powercard.

However, celerity does not add ANYTHING to the thematic mix of countering bleeds. Perhaps just making a clan card would be thematically easier and would serve the need as well.

!malk! :OBF: :DEM: :cel: :cap6: Sabbat. If this vampire's bleed is successful, he laughs manicly and untaps.

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20 Jan 2014 21:16 #58725 by Juggernaut1981
The logic is simple:
It is harder to hit a moving target/resource.
It should be harder to hit one with vampiric speed...

The minion is effectively bundling up important resources and running away with them. Literally.

Story-type explanation
Fatima looks out the window to see what looks like shadows taking form, grabs her pack and any other valuables she can and sprints out moving between the shadows to make her escape.

:bruj::CEL::POT::PRE::tha: Baron of Sydney, Australia, 418

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