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Lost cities
Mortal allies may enter combat with city titled vampires as d action.
Any time a city titled vampire is sent to torpor or burned, his controller loses one pool.
Whenever a vampire diablerizes a vampire with a non contested city title, before the blood hunt if any, he may receive the appropriate city title for this city if he is anarch, camarilla or sabbat.
If the diablerist is from another sect, he may choose to become anarch and baron of this city.

Wod reference: revolt of the human against the vampire in v5

Game need: to represent more the downfalls of the princes and other city masters during v5 and the big power shifts happening in time of chaos.
+ It gives a reward for some diableries. Giving vanilla diablerist more chances to survive the subsequent bloodhunt... And come on: for the moment incentives for diableries are very limited: discipline skills, blood if any, equipment if any... It would give more interest to make some without getting ariadne / tariq decks much more powerful.
+ It gives more interactions (even if limited) to mortal allies including imbued: making them want to take risks rather than simply wall and bleed.
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