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20 Jul 2020 08:52 #100392 by snegiem
Independance was created by snegiem
Unique master.
Cost 2 pools
Lock to give +1 stealth to an acting independant vampire or to prevent 1 damage to an independant vampire in combat with a non independant vampire.

Wod reference: independant vampire manage to survive between such powers as the camarilla, sabbat, laibon and anarch....

Game need: the design space has almost not been used for the independant vampires... Most of the major independant clans have disciplines providing stealth at some extent (chimestry, necromancy, obscufate, serpentis), so i m basically improving this. It would in some decks replace or complement the creepshow casino.
+ The prevent would help them survive in fights (improving combat aptitude of the banu haqim/assamite or giovanni having few prevent tools for the moment, completing the ravnos fortitude, sethites have adder skins and typhonic: but it would be rather played in bleed or politic sethites decks as the 2 pools cost is kind of deterrent for combat decks without intercept... )

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