file As predicted by somebody (lol) shit hit the fan again

19 Dec 2018 15:21 #92509 by ReverendRevolver
So, what's the end game?

Gradually replace everything?
Some points are GOLDEN. But as a whole, the not mixing thing seems a barrier. Of course, new Pro being on snakes and not doing agg claws is a considerable thing. We are quite far out from Oblivion books, so cant comment yet.
But, it's not without merit. I just think maybe dont touch your Nadimas of the past but future snakes have :pro: not :ser: and future :pro: do :ser: things , for example.

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20 Dec 2018 19:31 - 20 Dec 2018 19:34 #92531 by jamesatzephyr

Lech wrote:

jamesatzephyr wrote:

  • Can Darius Styx use a new retainer that he gets that requires Oblivion? Can he use a new retainer at all? Similar questions about Erciyes Fragment? Fast Hands? More or less any card that can take someone else's cards?
  • (etc.)

    1. Yes, he can.

    So then there's a bigger question of why - if old vampires can use new cards and new vampires can use old cards, when they collide - why they can't be put together in the same decks from the start. (Which is what the original proposition was.)

    If we have to do all the hard work of solving the problems of how the cards interact - because they can interact when stolen/borrowed etc., or perhaps during some sort of sealed deck/draft event? - then it seems a bit glitchy to not let new vampires with Protean just use old Protean cards.

    It also seems problematic where, say, a new set of cards get printed with some exciting new tech and strategy, which old vampires using only old library cards can't beat - or find excessively hard to beat, perhaps only using a few strategies. (Why not eliminate this during playtest? That would be lovely, but some uses for cards slip through playtests and aren't spotted for ages.)
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