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30 Aug 2019 00:44 #96642 by blackkn8
Hi together...
short information.
We update our page and so some links will not work anymore. So please use this links to get more informations...

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Prince of Wiesbaden, Germany
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03 Sep 2019 14:49 #96751 by beslin igor
Bye Bye Una League - Round 5 report

Yesterday is played 5th(last) round league.

17 players fight in 4 tables.

3 GW and 1 table time out where all take 0,5 VP.

We get 4 new players in league and hit 40 players total for now.

New players: Vanni Borz 'Vanni ITA',Italy
Mickey Calder 'FameUs',Canada
Alan Ximbilson 'Ximbilsom joga10',Brazil
JD Watson 'The Black Rose' USA

5th round still not ended,we allow self organize games until wendesday,
so who dint play round 5th get you game today or tomorow,
in thursday I will contact finalist about date and hours when finals start.

tabela and results you can see in link:…/show…/107-bye-bye-una-2019-event

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06 Sep 2019 16:23 #96838 by beslin igor
Bye Bye Una league-represent finalist

1) Marcin Krom 'maajin', Poland 2GW 8VP
2) Bram van Stappen 'Gotcha', Belgium 2GW 8VP
3) Arnau Diez Sans 'Kiderak',Spain 2GW 7VP
4) Martin Weinmayer 'angrynewb', Austria 1GW 7,5VP
5) Rudolf Scholz 'The Bard',Germany 1GW 7VP

Marius Iscru 'Pooldor', France 1GW 6VP
Bruno Patricio Pontes 'Brunim Ceara',Brazil 1GW 5,5VP

Marcin gets to be top seed after roll dice for tie.

Marcin Krom 'maajin', Poland

Until now Marcin play 2 finals leagues without won,now as top seed have good chance to win.
Him took 2GW both time played celerity gun combat with 3VP in 4 player table

Bram van Stappen 'Gotcha', Belgium

Until now Bram play 7 finals in online competions with one won-him won
in first online league played before 1 year,and him be first N1 in online ranking list.
Him took 1GW playing Cybele bleed,and 2nd GW playing Shalmath toolbox.
Both time with 3VP in 4 player table.

Arnau Diez Sans 'Kiderak',Spain

Until now Arnau played 2 finals in online competions without won.
Him took 1GW with Triple A vote 3VP in 4 player table,and 2nd GW
with 4vp in 4 player table playing Weenie Comp.hacking

Martin Weinmayer 'angrynewb', Austria

Until now Martin play 6 finals in online competions with 2 time won.
Martin is current N1 in online and vekn ranking list.
Him took GW with 5VP playing Jost Werner bleed.

Rudolf Scholz 'The Bard',Germany

Until now Rudolf play 1 league finals and won-that happen in league before.
Him took GW in last round with 5VP playing EL toolbox.


Marius Iscru 'Pooldor', France

Until now Marius play 8(recorder) finals in online competions,him won 1 league
and 1 tournament.
If we count online word ranking couting only 2019. Marius is N1.
Him took GW in last round with 2VP in 4 player table with Anson gun combat.

Bruno Patricio Pontes 'Brunim Ceara',Brazil

Until now Bruno dont have finals in online competion.
Him took GW with Gargolye block with 3VP in 5 players table

So we can see each of 5 finalist play finals in online competions before.
3 players won,2 players wait for first online trophy.
I beleive finals be played in monday,but still wait to all players confirm.

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09 Sep 2019 12:49 #96882 by beslin igor
Finals of Bye Bye Una league be played in tuesday(tomorow) in 20:30h Berlin time

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10 Sep 2019 21:36 #96908 by beslin igor
WINNER Bye Bye Una league is Rudolf Scholz 'The Bard',Germany
Congrats on the won!!!!!
Report will be next days

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12 Sep 2019 20:20 #96963 by Hakuron
The Finals of the "Bye-bye, Una" League

Hi folks,

I was asked to write a report on the finals of the latest Lackey league and gladly accepted the challenge.
Let's start with pre-final's setting:

1) Marcin Krom 'maajin', Poland, 2GW 8VP
2) Bram van Stappen 'Gotcha', Belgium, 2GW 8VP
3) Arnau Diez Sans 'Kiderak', Spain, 2GW 7VP
4) Martin Weinmayer 'angrynewb', Austria, 1GW 7.5VP
5) Rudolf Scholz 'The Bard', Germany, 1GW 7VP

Which decks did I expect?
Sadly, the top-seated player's deck was a kind of blind spot. He won two times with a CEL Gun deck, but that by name could be anything between weenie and big caps. At least I expectet Marcin to play it again.
Bram is famous for building straight weenie to midcap decks, so chances were high to see one of these (but I did not expect the archetype he played).
Twice Arnau played weenie Computer Hacking bleed, once he got a game-win with it. My guess.
Martin? Too many options, I decided not to worry about his deck.
In this metagame I preferred to play small vampires. Weenie ANI Anarchs would have been my choice with a higher ranking, but I knew I had to make more VP than anybody else at that table. That's why I chose Ravnos Clown Car.

After SEVERAL die rolls, the seating was the following:
Bram > me > Marcin > Martin > Arnau

Bram started with Jake Washington. Could be everything. One transfer on one card.
I got a 2-, a 3- and maybe two 5-caps in my crypt, nice. Starting hand was two Ravnos Carnival, a Mozambique Allure, one or two Embraces, and two or three "too early" cards like Uncoiling or Gramle.
Marcin played an Ashur Tablet. 3 transfers on one card. Discarded a combat card.
Martin played Anarch Troublemaker, and transferred out Gideon Fontaine, plus 1 transfer on another card.
Impressive setup by Arnau: Four 1-caps.
After Bram introduced Horatio and Wendy Wade into the game, I knew my predator: Weenie Tzimisce War Ghoul. No hooray.

I started breeding. Carnival, Zip went to Africa, embraces. Transfers, Tsigane enters game.
2nd Ashur. Now 7 blood on one of Marcin's vampires.
Martin's Gideon equipped with the Heart of Nizchetus. No hooray either. Angela Preston enters the game. It is the deck he made the sweep with in the preliminary rounds.
Arnau announces Computer Hacking bleed four times, Bram chooses not to block any of those actions. Total pool loss of 9 for him (because of one Leverage). One new crypt card.
Time for Bram's showdown: Obtenebration skill card for Horatio, Nocturn, War Ghoul #1 burning Nocturn, War Ghoul #2 burning Jake. Mitchell, the Headhunter joins the ranks.

I continue breeding. Carnival, Zip and Embrace both embrace. First Con Boon by Tsigane, Eldest are Kholo. +5. Andrej Puxon appears.
Marcin finally shows his star vampire: Massassi. Where is a Pentex with old rulings when you need one? ;)
First sign of cross-table rivalry: Martin plays Jake Washington, denying Bram one source needed for new War Ghouls. Superior Enchant Kindred by Angela. Bleed for 1 by Gideon. New crypt card.
Elder Library. Arnau continues his bleed assault. Two vampires down, one successful bleed for 2. New crypt card.

Bram goes Agent of Power and contests Jake. Considers what to do. Marcin calls for rushing my Ravnos. Nocturn. War Ghoul traps Andrej to torpor. Nocturn bleeds. Maneuver retainer for the other War Ghoul. Carlton van Wyk. Bram is a 4 pool.
No master. Tsigane creates a non-Laibon embrace. Laibon Embrace tries to call for Aranthebes, but Carlton denies (and dodges). 2nd Laibon Embrace Con Boon, Eldest are Kholo. +7. Zip ... forgot to hunt, sorry. 3rd Laibon Embrace plays Gramle for Con Boon. New crypt card.
Massassi rushes Zip, conceales a Magnum ... and cycles cards like hell. Finally Zip enters torpor. Andre LeRoux assists Massassi. So far, so good.

Martin dreams with the Sphinx, and decides to give the game a shift: Entrancement on the War Ghoul with Jackie Therman. Successful. Bleed 1. 4+1 Blood on the latest crypt card.
Arnau plays Kaymakli Nightmares ... Some discussion. Anarco Convert diablerises my Andrej. New crypt card. Pass turn.
Bram pays for the contest of Jake. Wider View. War Ghoul traps Gideon, superior Majesty. 2 bleeds for 1. Burn Wider View.

Now the road of the game is more or less clear.
My next three turns: Carnivals. Breed and Con Boon. A Coven. Breed and Con Boon, even one for Bram. (A try for Heart of Nizchetus, DI by Martin. Later successful, but in vain. ^^)
Get rushed one vampire to torpor each round by Massassi. Bakr appears at the end of turn 7.
Martin steals the second War Ghoul. Discussions about rushing the Ravnos or not. Jost Werner, and later Mariana join the ranks. Arnau says "Not to be" to Scourge of Enochians.
Arnau stays alive, finally another swarm of four 1-caps.
Bram manages to get enough pool for a third War Ghoul (Charisma helps).

My 8th turn. 1 h 45min played. I have twelve ready Ravnos, and some in torpor. Marcin is on 19 pool, has two unlocked vampires. I drop Week of Nightmares, and have after twelve bleeds my first VP.
Martin ousts Arnau, and afterwards Bram (even though a Daring the Dawn on Angela's bleed gets DIed by Bram). Two War Ghoul rushes torporising a Ravnos each. Martin ends his turn with 21 pool, 4 locked vempires with PRE, 2 locked War Ghouls, and Jake unlocked. He passes the turn ... and the Coven to me. 30 minutes to go.

The Coven makes the huge difference, decides which sides wins this battle.
Two turns later, after endless successful blocks (with or without Majesty) it is decided: Ravnos.


National Coordinator Germany
Toreador Prince of Darmstadt, Heart of the Jugendstil
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