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Aerchangelus wrote: Hi, good night.

I have some questions about rules that arise this morning in one of our games. These questions are:

A) A blocking vampire, after combat (after a successful block), goes to torpor. Can she/he play a Cat's Guidance to untap in torpor? (The block was successful, but reaction cards can only be played by ready minions unless the card noted otherwise, right?

Correct: a vampire in torpor cannot play reaction cards. " A ready untapped minion can play a reaction card in response to an action taken by another Methuselah's minion (an action taken by one of a Methuselah's minions cannot be reacted to by any of her own minions)." Rulebook]

Aerchangelus wrote: B) A vampire is send to torpor with zero blood and and a Pulled Fangs on him/her. Can any vampire do the action(s) to remove Pulled Fangs while the vampire with the card is in torpor or she/he must leave torpor before Pulled Fangs' actions can be done?

It's always better to include cardtext

Name: Pulled Fangs
Cardtype: Combat
Only usable at close range at the end of a round of combat in which this minion inflicted more damage range than the opposing vampire. Not usable by a minion being burned or going into torpor.
Put this card on the opposing vampire, and this minion inflicts 1 point of damage. The victim cannot hunt until this card is removed. Any vampire(s) may burn this card with two +1 stealth actions. If the victim must hunt and cannot, he or she goes into torpor. A vampire can have only 1 Pulled Fangs.

The answer is: the vampire with Pulled Fangs doesn't have to be ready for other vampire to burn the Pulled Fangs.
(Also, remember, the action to burn the Pulled Fangs is directed at the controller of the vampire with the Pulled Fangs, not against the Methuselah who played the Pulled Fangs).

Aerchangelus wrote: C) A vampire with an Anathema on her/him with one blood. In combat, 3 damage is done to her/him, so sending her/him to torpor with no blood. The effect of the Anathema is triggered before her/him is send to torpor or the vampire goes to torpor and the Anathema doesn't have effect because she/he is reduced to -2 blood and not to 0 exactly?.

No. Vampires can't have negative blood.

If a vampire with 1 blood suffers 3 damage, he is going to torpor with 0 blood. Now, Anathema would burn him as soon as he hits 0 blood.

A vampire with 1 blood, Fame, Anathema who would take 2 damage (or more) would burn to Anathema without triggering Fame.

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Chaitan wrote: Slightly related to Cat's guidance. :)

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I've been taught to interpret a tricky situation as such.

It is not possible to play Cat's Guidance if blocking minion burn acting minion in combat. If there is no acting minion then there is no action to play reaction cards during.

No. You can play (adequate) Reaction cards as the action ends.

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