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10 Oct 2014 06:25 #66322 by Ohlmann
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Ashur wrote:

extrala wrote: The tupdog cannot take (D) actions unless a Tremere antitribu is ready. This includes his built in (D) action.

Hehe, "1.4. The Golden Rule for Cards - Whenever the cards contradict the rules, the cards take precedence." Sometimes, not always! :)

I am surprised how people can say that given that it's twenty year that the rule say that card need to explicitely contradict rule for that, and here it's a textbook case of being implicit.

I mean, "this vampire can take this (D) action without a master" would be explicit. Here, we just have a standard (D) action, and you believe it implicitely say it alway can use it. That kind of thing was already in the jyhad rulebook, and with the precision that it need to be explicit.

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