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24 Feb 2015 22:19 #69460 by delangen
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an interesting event happened last game I played:

A Metoothelah had out a storage annex with some card on it, then later Agaitas the scholar; using her special ability, exchanged a card from her prey (on the table) to the storage annex... now where does the old storaged card go: in hand or on the table??

Not a crazy huge game breaking question/decision but 'twas just curious.

Storage Annex
Master: location.
Put a card from your hand face down (out of play) on this card when you play it. You may look at the card at any time. During your master phase, you may exchange a card in your hand for the card on this Storage Annex.

Agaitas, The Scholar of Antiquities
[Harbinger of Skulls] Harbinger of Skulls
Capacity: 6
Group: 2
Sabbat: When you play a card, you may draw its replacement from your prey's library instead of your own. Put the card drawn face-up in front of you. It is still considered to be in your hand, to be played or discarded as normal.

Merci kindly


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24 Feb 2015 22:31 #69461 by Pascal Bertrand
Replied by Pascal Bertrand on topic Storage wars
The card that was on the Storage Annex goes to the hand - not face-up (per Storage Annex's cardtext).

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