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11 Feb 2018 15:12 #85303 by self biased
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Bloodartist wrote: Drivethrucards offers custom printing of game cards, btw.

man, VEKN could negotiate a license to sell its own sets! I wonder why they haven't done that yet?

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12 Feb 2018 10:32 - 12 Feb 2018 10:34 #85306 by Lönkka
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PDA can't sell them wholesale; their deal with WW restricts them selling only to retailers direct.

Otherwise FP would've bought the whole lot of remaining sets already in Sunday at Berlin. PDA did offer that, but after they checked the deal they had to say that they actually couldn't do it.

No one is preventing any company from buying the sets from PDA at full retail and then selling them off to players. But with margins like that it is, erm, pretty hard to make kin of living...

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