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27 Nov 2018 07:55 #92036 by Ankha

TwoRazorReign wrote:

XZealot wrote: Does Free States Rant have a limit of 4 per vampire or 3 per vampire?

I'm wondering the same thing. The current card text states "No 4 or more points can be allocated to each vampire." What does this mean exactly? Was the change intended, or is it a copy/paste error? Older versions of the card said "No more than 3 points can be allocated to each vampire."

Requires an Independent or Anarch vampire.
Allocate X points among one or more ready vampires, where X is half this acting vampire's capacity rounded up. No 4 or more points can be allocated to each vampire. Successful referendum means each vampire burns 1 blood for each point allocated. In this referendum, non-priscus titles are worth 1 less vote each, priscus title is worth 1 less ballot, and burning the Edge is worth 1 additional vote.

It should read "No more than 3" as before. I have corrected it.

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