file Making use of Research Area and side boarding

19 May 2018 21:28 - 19 May 2018 21:30 #87186 by GreyB
You could also turn the research area into something completely different like allowing an epic move during a game. This plays on the idea of turning research into a resource. They could design powerful cards that cost X research and to gain the research points you have to sacrifice cards from your deck.

Something like:

Name: Imbue with the Blood of Caine
Card Type: Research
Cost 10 research
Card Text:
Put this card into play and choose a clan. Each vampire belonging to the chosen clan gets +2 bleed while this card is in play. During your untap phase put a token on this card. Burn this card when it has 3 tokens.

You could play these Research cards in your master phase instead of a master. Add a rule that any vampire can burn a research card from the research area as a -2 stealth (D) action. And only 1 of each Research card can be played each game (like events).

It's a zany idea, but perhaps something to break the mexican standoffs that happen quite frequently during games.

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