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Netrunner's way to deal with problematic cards is to force players to learn how to play around them. Tempo is king in Netrunner and the game is very unforgiving to mistakes of judgement.

I actually think that cancellation fosters the opposite of good play.

A guy did Villen for 10 + Giant's Blood on Stanislava, without cancellation.
Either the other players are forced to play well or that guy has a huge advantage and his game goes faster.

Cancellation should not exist to re-balance unbalanced cards.
We have a Vincent for that, now with instantaneous re-print possibilities. :)

Cancellation instead serves as yet another tool to make the game fun, but at a high complexity cost, imo.
Also it provokes a lot of attrition and discussions during tournaments.
Same as Anneke/Eagle Sight.
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