file Obedience vs Psyche! and some doubts about Dominate Kine

05 Sep 2018 07:21 #90421 by Viper

The other day playing with some friends, one of them played a superior Majesty (untap and combat ends) which was followed by a Psyche! by the opposing vampire. Then, the vampire who played the majesty, answered with an Obedience; claiming that the only requirement for it to be played, was to be a non-active vampire about to enter combat with a younger one.

Now, the text on Obedience says that the action is ended. And, as far as I know, the action ends after a resulting combat from it (whether blocked or not). So, If you play a Psyche! after a combat end, although there's a new combat, the action should have already ended and there is no window for the Obedience effect to take place.

Am I wrong?

Now, on the Dominate Kine issue. If I use the card to steal, say, an Ankara Citadel. Does the card go to the vampire who played it, or can I choose any of my vampires as the new owner?

Thanks for your answers

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05 Sep 2018 07:57 - 05 Sep 2018 07:57 #90423 by Ankha
Psyche! queues a new combat. After the current combat has ended, and before the new one starts, you can play Obedience.

The action doesn't end after the first combat, because you could for instance continue the action (Momentary Delay) or play some action modifiers such as Freak Drive.

About Dominate Kine: you can move it to any minion you control.

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