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29 Sep 2018 19:18 #90834 by mjvtes521

jamesatzephyr wrote:

mjvtes521 wrote:

beslin igor wrote: Can Marie-Pierre special stop efect of Rotschreck to another Samedi going to torpor?

No way.


mjvtes521 wrote: It’s not stopping that combat from ending nor starting a new combat involving the vampire that got Rotschrecked. It’s just starting a new combat with Marie-Pierre after combat has ended.

Which is also true if someone plays Fast Reaction. Which interrupts Rotschreck's resolution, nullifying the "go to torpor" effect (but not the effects that have already happened, nor the in-play effect).

[RTR 01-MAY-2002]

Rules Team Rulings wrote: Effects that end combat and then do something else after combat (all in the
single resolution of the effect) will fizzle if combat doesn't end or if a
new combat is started. (Changes: Rotschreck followed by Fast Reaction or
Psyche! will nullify the torpor effect.) Note that this doesn't apply to
end combat and untap effects - the untap effect is not delayed to after
combat (see Majesty ruling above).

I stand corrected. Rotschreck is no match for Samedi combat!!!

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29 Sep 2018 19:36 #90835 by Ankha
Replied by Ankha on topic Questions about Marie-Pierre

jamesatzephyr wrote:

Ankha wrote:

mjvtes521 wrote: I'm pretty sure that Marie-Pierre is never acting when she uses her ability, so she can't play freak drive after the combat she entered with her ability.


"Never" is slightly too strong.

Yes, read: using her ability doesn't make Marie-Pierre an acting vampire.

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