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30 Oct 2018 13:13 #91597 by ReverendRevolver
I've said for a long time that all relevant rulings for cards should be attached to each card via a searchable, pretty, interface (Amaranth but with rulings attached) but it would need to be official and tied to BC somehow.

LSJ (once he got rolling) only did 3 truly questionable things: Edge Explosion existing, strange choices in precons, and (by rumor) let Liliths Blessing roll out after 1 round of playtest. His rulings are fine. BUT:

the point of contention seems to often be "design intent " on some cards. Black Chantry could, if they so desired, quite easily change wording as things are reprinted to make some of these things more clear.

With this example, the fact that Jacob is put in the ready region with blood equal to capacity would lead me to believe his text of "increased by 4 when controlled" is relevant since he will be in the ready region. But a searchable interface and or a tweak in wording could remove potential ambiguity.

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30 Oct 2018 16:29 #91603 by Mewcat

Ankha wrote: You can't scrap all LSJ's rulings: it would leave too many question unanswered. Furthermore, so far all of them are sensible and consistent.

The issue is really 3 pronged.
1) poor rulebook
2) poor card templating
3) poor card rulings

It is difficult to separate one from the other so I can see that from a point of view the rulings could seem sensible and consistent. We just have to accept that the rulebook doesn't explain the game and that what is a requirement or an effect on a card is determined on a case by case basis.

I again assert that competitive games are regularly not played 'by the rules' because no one is sure what the rules are.

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31 Oct 2018 06:53 - 31 Oct 2018 06:56 #91607 by Bloodartist

jamesatzephyr wrote:
And it's answered in the ruling that I've already cited. He's moved into play, and then the counters are moved on him when he's in play (controlled), so he's 6 capacity.

"Jacob the Glitch is moved to the ready region first (thus becoming a 6 cap), and _then_ gains blood equal to his capacity" "Yes"

For what its worth, I agree with this ruling. I see his ability that checks his capacity as continuous, not a triggered ability. Therefore he would be always 6 cap while controlled. There would be no separate steps when he is and when he isn't 6 cap while face up. Thats my personal opinion.

Makes for a good turbovampire then, since he doesn't need to worry about his capacity.

ps. I agree with earlier posts that card rulings would be best accessed as an online service where you search for a card text and then it also shows you rulings relevant to it. This is how MtG does things and it makes things very handy. Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of service currently, especially since secret library is coming down. Maybe this could be included in whatever is going to replace secret library?

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