file Wording inconsistency with "Tend the Flock"

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LivesByProxy wrote: @thelonius: Add 3 blood from the blood bank to a younger infernal vampire in your uncontrolled region is waaay better than: Add 3 pool to a younger infernal vampire in your uncontrolled region.

It's exactly the same.

When you add a counter (whatever its nature), or when a counter is gained, it always come from the bank.
This apply to:
- adding a corruption counter
- adding a counter on Dreams of the Sphinx each time it is locked
- adding a blood from a Hunting Ground to a ready vampire (the vampire gains 1 blood)
- etc.

Also, blood/life counters and pool counters are equivalent when on uncontrolled vampires/Imbued.

drnlmza wrote: It would be a change in the power level except that Tend the Flock was always from the blood bank:

The Heirs to the Blood printing said
"Move 3 pool from the bank to a younger infernal vampire"


drnlmza wrote: That the current text can so easily be interpreted as not being from the blood bank is another reason to fix the wording.

Only if one doesn't read the words written: "add" is not the same term as "move".

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