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Palamedes wrote: The sentence "The cards in your crypt represent the vampires (or other minions)... and the cards in your library represent the things you or your minions can do or use." is excellent and very well describes what your decks are, especially for beginners.

I'm not querying those sentences and whether they are good descriptions for beginners. I'm querying that event cards don't really fit in with the existing description of library cards. I'm thinking the sentence should be changed to better include event cards. you seem to have missed that part of my post. :)

And that is the whole point of paragraph 1.2. Equipment Needed.
As I said, it goes into details later.

The Counters in general are Blood counters, and when the Blood counter is in your Pool, then it is the Pool counter.

Thank you. But the rulebook should probably state that more explicitly. Don't you think?

In this way it clear what is that counter represent. So when a card says "the Pool counter" you know what that means. Otherwise it will be "the blood counter in your Pool", which would be unnecessary long and complicated

With all respect, you're again commenting on something that I am did not query. :) That "pool counters" are called "pool counters" when they are in your pool and that cards refer to "pool counters" is not what I am querying. They are called "pool counters" and that's all good. The issue that I'm querying is that the description of what the counters are when they are in your pool in the rulebook is inconsistent and makes it seem like the counters in your pool should be called blood counters. This is likely not what the rulebook intended to do, but it does. I'm querying whether the inconsistency should be fixed or explained. I think it would be helpful if it were fixed.

TwoRazorReign wrote: If this sentence should be taken literally, then the descriptions should be less conceptual and more literal, for example, crypt cards are cards that are not played by hand and have default set of uses and novel effects, and library cards are played by hand and generally list single use effects (this is likely not an optimal description, just an example). This description of library cards would encompass all types of library cards, including event cards.

If I had read this sentence at the beginning of the rulebook, I would probably think WTF, I probably would not continue reading and I probably would not play the game at the end.

I actually agree with you on this. I would move the conceptual description of the game as an introductory section before any mechanical descriptions. I just think it would be better to keep such a conceptual introduction separate from, say, descriptions of what equipment is needed in the game. Being less conceptual and more literal when describing mechanical things about the game would be helpful to the reader. But I do agree that describing the concept of the game before any mechanics is certainly for the best.
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15 May 2019 23:34 #94924 by TwoRazorReign
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Regarding sections 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 in the rulebook: Is there a reason these sections are structured as numbered lists? Numbered lists are used when there is a hierarchy or order to the items being listed. Bulleted lists are used when the items do not have a hierarchy or order to them.

For example, in reading this list, why is "1. Playing cards" listed before "3. Requirements for playing cards"? If I understand the rules correctly, one cannot play a card without meeting the requirements. Therefore, it seems like either item 3 should appear before item 1, or these items should not be numbered.

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Given the existence of equipment that becomes a location in this game, should the below section on locations be moved from the section describing master cards? including locations there suggests that locations can only be a type of master card.

1.6.2. Master Cards


The general types of master cards are as follows:

Locations: A location card represents a place (a building, a city or a designated gathering place, for example) that a Methuselah or her minions control. A location card stays in play and may be used repeatedly, even on the turn it is played. Some library cards (such as Arson) can burn them.

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