file Maabara and The Erciyes Fragments show or hidden card?

23 May 2020 13:24 #99927 by beslin igor
Master: unique location.

You may lock this location to move a library card from your ash heap to this location, face down. You may use a master phase action to move a card from this location to the top of your library. Any vampire may burn this location as a Ⓓ action.

The Erciyes Fragments
Unique master.

Put this card in play. Lock this card to move a library card from your prey's ash heap to this card, face down. You may look at that card at any time. You may play the card from the Fragments as if playing it from your hand (requirements and cost, if any, apply as normal). When that card is burned, remove it from the game instead. Only 1 card can be on this card at a time. Any vampire with a capacity above 4 can steal the Fragments (and any card on it) for his or her controller as a Ⓓ action

How resolve these cards? does you need to anounce cards? when you use from you prey ash heap,does him need to see card? or cards can be hidden?

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23 May 2020 14:05 - 23 May 2020 14:05 #99928 by Ankha
You have to announce which cards are taken. You can't secretly pick a card.
The reason is that players could look at the content of the ash heap before you take a card, and afterwards, and deduce which card was taken. To avoid wasting time, you have to announce the card taken.

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