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Ashur wrote:

Lönkka wrote:

Kraus wrote: Knowing draft and how devastating any stealth is your set looks really intimidating.

Hence MY first pick of the whole draft was Neighbour John... ;)

Yeah, and your following picks were Bangh Nakh, Brass Knuckles, Blow Torch, Flamethrower ... :D

Actually I went full retard and subsequently picked Brass Knuckles, and two copies of EACH: Bangh Nakh, Blow Torch and Improvised Flamethrower.

Initial thought was to pick !Ventrue because of the good Neighbour but didn't pick suitable cards and soon got a Nosferatu Kingdom and started choosing !Nosferatu.

Also added a copy of Forger's Hammer for the heck of it (even if just one of the !Nossies could use it). Would've been fun to play it once in a lifetime though.

Problem was that some boosters seemed to contain only garbage while in others you had 5-7 excellent choices that anyone could use and the also one of two really nice cards for some decks (ones that warrant hate picking even if you yourself won't incorporate them to your deck). kinda of the problem of having everyone sit on the same draft ring, so you get one shot per each booster. If using several smaller draft rings you have a different experience (might be as good, worse or better) as you can gamble which of the several cards you might want might still show up when the same booster arrives to you again....

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