9.1. Victory Points

When a Methuselah runs out of pool counters, she is ousted from the game. If you are ousted, all the cards you control are removed from the game. Any of your opponents' cards you control are returned to them at the end of the game. Any of your cards controlled by other Methuselahs remain in play as normal (see The Golden Rule of Card Ownership, sec. 1.3). The game continues until only one Methuselah is left. You get a victory point whenever the Methuselah who is your prey is ousted (no matter how or by whom your prey was ousted). You receive an additional victory point if you are the last player left. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most victory points, even if she has been ousted. Along with a victory point, you gain six pool from the blood bank when your prey is ousted.

EXCEPTION: If a player is ousted at the same time that her prey is ousted, the player gets the victory point but does not gain 6 pool.

When your prey is ousted, the next Methuselah to your left (the ousted Methuselah's prey) becomes your new prey, and you become her new predator.

Richard, Steve, Justin and Lisa are seated clockwise around a table in that order. Steve is reduced to 0 pool first. Steve is Richard's prey, so Richard gains 6 pool and a victory point. Justin is ousted next by Richard. Since now Justin is Richard's prey, Richard gets another 6 pool and another victory point. Now, Richard and Lisa are the only ones left, and so each is prey of the other. All the pool Richard earned doesn't save him from falling, and Lisa gets 6 pool and a victory point. Since Lisa was not ousted at all, she gets an additional victory point. The final score is tied between Lisa and Richard, with 2 victory points each.

9.2. Withdrawing from the Game

If you have exhausted your library and begin your turn with less than a full hand, you have the option of withdrawing from the game. To exercise this option, you must announce your intent to withdraw during your unlock phase. For the withdrawal to succeed, you must meet the following conditions:

  • None of your minions enter combat until your next unlock phase.
  • None of your minions lose (or spend) any blood until your next unlock phase.
  • You do not lose (or spend) any pool until your next unlock phase.

If you have met these conditions when you would start your unlock phase, you successfully withdraw. The withdrawal fails if you lose a single pool or blood, even if you gain enough to make up for the loss.

If you successfully withdraw, you receive one victory point to add to any victory points you have already gained. Your predator does not get a victory point or any pool for your withdrawal.