Dear fellow Metusalehs,

I am happy to present you the new marketing team we have formed within the V:EKN: Michal Kazmierczak (Migalart) and Radoslaw Staszewski (Szewski), both from Poland.

While Szweski will formally hold the position of the Marketing Director, they will act as a team with the goal to turn up the publicity on V:TES. They both have real life expertise in this regard and are part of the successful V:TES scene in Poland, which is contradicting the downwards trend we have seen in other nations.

They are currently forming a strategy on how to do this, of course, depending on how the long term plans of having V:TES in print turn out. Feedback and contributions from the community are appreciated by them, and I think they will soon turn to you with relevant questions and discussions.

Once the strategy is in place and specific actions and programs are due, they will trickle this down the existing network of volunteers, the National Coordinators and Princes.


Johannes Walch
Chairman of the V:EKN