times TWD + report: Ropecon 2015 Finnish ECQ, May 15th

25 Jun 2015 17:38 - 25 Jun 2015 17:43 #71860 by PetriWessman
  • Tournament: Ropecon 2015 Finnish ECQ
  • Date: Friday May 15th, 2014
  • Place: Ropecon 2015 gaming convention, Dipoli, Espoo, Finland
  • Players: 47
  • Format: EC Continental Qualifier (constructed), 3R+F
  • Organizer/judge: Petri Wessman
  • Winner: Jens Johansson (see below for deck list)

Once again, the Finnish ECQ was played at the Ropecon gaming convention, but at an unusual date. Normally, the convention and thus the ECQ would happen sometime around July, but this time Ropecon was in May due to the convention center entering renovations in the summer. This was probably the last time the convention is organized at the delightfully un-Euclidian environment of Dipoli, since after renovations the available space will have shrunk. As a plus point, this will probably mean that ventilation at next year's ECQ will actually exist, hooray! (not that it was horrible this year, due to the fairly cool outside weather).

In any case, we got 47 players in total; a small drop from last year's 52 but still in the same ballpark. A brave band of Swedes arrived from Swedelania (or whetever strange and faraway realm they call home), possibly via magic carpet. The details are somewhat unclear. To the consternation of the Finns, one of them managed to snatch tournament victory after a very tight final round, even though in general the Swedes didn't do quite as well as they have done on some previous years.

Again, a huge variety in decks and deck styles. I saw quite a few Settite decks this year, two(!) separate Huitzilopochtli decks, and of course some staple, well-known deck archetypes (Dementation bleeders, grinders, etc) -- though not as many as one might expect. Quite a few decks were tuned with some additions from "The Unaligned", and some decks had vampires from that expansion or the Storyline reward expansion as stars.

Once again, play went smoothly and we stayed on time, thanks to all the players for helping with that. And of course, thanks once again to the NC, Janne Lönnqvist, for help with organizing and with promo card support.

The final round was interesting. Almost all of the decks were big-cap vote+bleed or just bleed affairs, with two of them centering on Settites. The one more toolboxy affair (Petrus' deck) never managed to get up to speed here, though I saw it do brilliantly during the previous rounds. A source of amusement was that the table ended up having both Arika and Kemintiri (merged) on it, and the final battle was between the Settites (led by Kemintiri) against the Ventrue Justicar and her friends. People who know the World of Darkness backstory for Kemintiri will appreciate that one, especially since Kemintiri won the day... err, night. Most amazingly, her rush special vs the Ventrue ended up being great here, combined with Serpent's Numbing Kiss. See below for transcript of final round.

Two deck lists still missing, I'll add them in when I get them.

Again, thanks everyone, and see you next year at Messukeskus (the site of Ropecon 2016)!

-Petri “Orava” Wessman


The bolded 19 players received EC qualification for 2015.
RankNamePrelim GWPrelim VPFinal VPTPDeck/comment
1Jens Johansson173126"It's a friendly deck, don't trust the setites" (see below)
2Mikko Hyvärinen162144"Arika Mindrape Heidelberg.... oops, there should be 6-8 Mind Rapes..." (see below)
2Petrus Makkonen39.5180"Guido kuolematon" (see below)
2Pasi Karjalainen28174Settite bigcap bleed
2Tommi Hakomaa29168Kiasyd bleed
6Esa-Matti Smolander16120
7Teemu Salo14.5150!Ventrue Grinder
8Noora Hirvonen14.5144
9Tom Lindberg14.5132
10Mika Nurmikolu14120"Goratrix stands defiant at the ruins of Ceoris"
11Randal Rudstam14114
12Juho Vuorikoski14112
13Mikko Moisander14106"Vlad Tepes & Brunhilde do Chameleon"
14Lauri Salmi1496
15Timo Rekola13.5124"Green is Mean"
16Sebastian Schiavone13132
17Akseli Jalava13120
18Jonas Ståhle13118
19Jukka Pasanen13108Nosferatu Royalty
20Karri Malm04156
21Janne Lönnqvist04138
22Tuomas Vuokko03.5126
23Ari Lensu02.5102"Viksee on elämän tarkoitus"
24Matti Palomäki02106
25Tuukka Kallas02102
25Jari Mäkikyrö02102
27Juhani Puska02100
28Jaakko Nurro01.5108
28Juha Nyholm01.5108
30Are Vaskela01.5102
30Peter Kaario01.5102
32Toni Karjalainen0194"Geezers Will Find..."
33Niina Lindroos0190
34Raymond Mäkeläinen0188Settite
35Pekka Kinnunen00.588
36Jaakko Elorae00.584"Mättötontut"
36Petro Hirvonen00.584Ravnos toolbox
36Petteri Teerikangas00.584
39Anssi Rekola00.578
39Aapo Pitkäsalo00.578
41Otso Saariluoma0076
42Magnus Karlström0070Big Cap Dem S&B
42Ari-Pekka Alestalo0070
44Taija Sainomaa0066
44Kim Nilsson0066Dem midcap
46Kalle Blomgren0060
46Teemu Pulkkinen0060"Enkindu 4ever"

Amusing notes from table 2, round 1 (Jukka Pasanen, Niina Lindroos, Mikko Hyvärinen, Magnus Karlström):
  1. 23 votes on the table by turn 5
  2. First successful block on turn 8

Yeah, one of those tables :)


Tournament Winner (Jens Johansson)

Deck Name: It's a friendly deck, don't trust the setites
Author: Randal Rudstam
This is the deck Jens Johansson won the 2015 Ropecon created by Randal Rudstam.

When the Unaligned set was release I was very interested in some of the new FoS cards, I wanted to play reckless and parity shift in the same deck.

After some time and much work on the deck, me and my good friend Stefan Karlsson, who also was working on a similar deck, built this deck, minor differences, this became me latest version. Some changes are about to happen.

Kemintiris abilities led to two big things in the final. One she was able to rush Lucinde, Alastor and Arika and use Serpents numbing kiss to "mind numb" them. Also in the heads up with the same deck the so called "venture Justicar" used the extra bleed she gets against Venture to great effect.

Crypt (Capacity min=7 max=10 avg=8.69; 13 cards)

1x Kemintiri ADV 10 aus dom OBF PRE SER THA Follower of Set:2
4x Kemintiri 10 aus dom OBF PRE SER THA Follower of Set:2
3x Khay'tall, Snake of Eden 9 aus DOM OBF PRE SER Follower of Set:2
1x Sarrasine ADV 8 aus nec OBF PRE SER Follower of Set:2
4x Sarrasine 7 aus nec ser OBF PRE Follower of Set:2

Library (73 cards)

Master (25 cards)
1x Cave of Apples
10x Eternals of Sirius, The
1x Ferraille
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Opium Den
2x Parthenon, The
2x Protected Resources
1x Secure Haven
4x Villein
2x Wider View

Action (5 cards)
5x Epiphany

Political Action (18 cards)
1x Anarchist Uprising
1x Ancilla Empowerment
3x Banishment
4x Kine Resources Contested
4x Parity Shift
4x Reckless Agitation
1x Rumors of Gehenna

Action Modifier (16 cards)
1x Approximation of Loyalty
1x Elder Impersonation
2x Faceless Night
2x Forgotten Labyrinth
1x Into Thin Air
2x Lost in Crowds
2x Perfect Paragon
5x Voter Captivation

Combat (3 cards)
3x Serpent's Numbing Kiss

Combo (6 cards)
6x Velvet Tongue

Other Finalists

Tommi Hakomaa

(Kiasyd bleed, deck list will be added when I get it)

Mikko Hyvärinen

Deck Name : Arika Mindrape Heidelberg.... oops, there should be 6-8 Mind Rapes...
Author: Mikko Hyvärinen
Description: Ropecon 2015 ECQ finalist, almost tournament winner but almost doesn't count :)

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 5 max: 11 average: 10
5x Arika (11):DOM: :FOR: :OBF: :PRE: :aus: :cel:inner circleVentrue (g2)
2x Lucinde, Alastor (10):DOM: :FOR: :PRE: :obf: :pot: :tha:justicarVentrue (g3)
2x Marcus Vitel (10):DOM: :FOR: :OBF: :OBT: :PRE:princeVentrue (g3)
2x Queen Anne (10):DOM: :FOR: :PRE: :aus: :obf:princeVentrue (g2)
1x Catherine du Bois (5):DOM: :for: :obf: :pre:Ventrue (g3)

Library [72 cards]

Action [14]
4x Abactor
1x Enchant Kindred
1x Entrancement
4x Govern the Unaligned
3x Mind Rape
1x Scouting Mission

Action Modifier [25]
1x Cloak the Gathering
2x Elder Impersonation
1x Faceless Night
2x Forgotten Labyrinth
7x Freak Drive
1x Into Thin Air
2x Lost in Crowds
4x Perfect Paragon
1x Spying Mission
1x Veil the Legions
3x Voter Captivation

Combat [4]
4x Majesty

Master [19]
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Giant's Blood
1x Heidelberg Castle, Germany
1x Hostile Takeover
2x Information Highway
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Subdued by the Blood
1x Temptation of Greater Power
1x Ventrue Headquarters
4x Villein
5x Zillah's Valley

Political Action [10]
1x Ancient Influence
2x Banishment
1x Conservative Agitation
1x First Tradition: The Masquerade
3x Parity Shift
1x Political Stranglehold
1x Reins of Power

Pasi Karjalainen

(Settite bigcap bleed, deck list will be added when I get it)

Petrus Makkonen

Deck Name: Guido Kuolematon
Author: Petrus Makkonen
A very basic G2 Lasombra toolbox with some static intercept and a combat module. An. Actual. Combat. Module.

Guido's first pick, but not necessary.

He's never died.

Crypt (Capacity min=3 max=10 avg=7.58; 12 cards)

2x Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica 9 dom pre OBT POT Lasombra:2
1x Angelica, The Canonicus 10 cel obf DOM OBT POT Lasombra:2
1x Antonio Delgado 9 tha DOM OBT POT Lasombra:2
1x Aurora Van Brande, Paladin 6 dom for pot OBT Lasombra:2
1x Cameron 3 dom pot Lasombra:2
2x Francisco Domingo de Polonia 9 pro DOM OBT POT PRE Lasombra:2
2x Gratiano 8 obf pot DOM OBT Lasombra:2
1x Guido Lucciano 5 dom obf OBT Lasombra:2
1x Talley, the Hound 6 aus dom OBT POT Lasombra:2

Library (81 cards)

Master (16 cards)
3x Blood Doll
1x Direct Intervention
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Elysian Fields
1x Fear of Mekhet
2x Path of Night, The
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Political Hunting Ground
1x Sudden Reversal
3x Villein
1x Wash

Action (16 cards)
2x Abbot
1x Far Mastery
4x Govern the Unaligned
1x Graverobbing
4x Scouting Mission
2x Slaughtering the Herd
2x Under Siege

Political Action (1 cards)
1x Banishment

Equipment (1 cards)
1x Zaire River Ferry

Ally (3 cards)
1x Mylan Horseed (Goblin)
2x Nocturn

Action Modifier (15 cards)
2x Blanket of Night
1x Bonding
1x Foreshadowing Destruction
1x Nightshades
1x Seduction
4x Shadow Play
2x Shroud of Absence
2x Shroud of Night
1x Tenebrous Form

Reaction (15 cards)
6x Deflection
3x Eyes of the Night
4x On the Qui Vive
1x Redirection
1x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (12 cards)
3x Arms of the Abyss
3x Darkness Within
3x Entombment
3x Shadow Body

Combo (2 cards)
2x Murmur of the False Will

Final Round Transcript

This is based on my personal notes, scribbled down during the game. Some detail is missing and there may be mistakes here and there.

Play started at 0:51am and ended at 2:47am (4 minutes left of game time left!)

The players were (in seating order):
  1. Tommi Hakomaa (2nd seed)
  2. Mikko Hyvärinen (5th seed)
  3. Petrus Makkonen (1st seed)
  4. Pasi Karjalainen (3rd seed)
  5. Jens Johansson (4th seed)

Turn 1

Tommi: Jake Washington

Mikko: Info Highway

Petrus: -

Pasi: Metro Underground

  • Wider View
  • Parthenon
  • Eternals of Sirius

Turn 2

Tommi: Ashur Tablets

  • Zillah's Valley
  • bring out Arika

Petrus: -

Pasi: -

Jens: bring out Sarrasine

Turn 3

  • Pentex on Sarrasine
  • bring out Isanwayen

  • Heidelberg Castle
  • Arika plays superior GtU
  • bring out Lucinde Alastor

Petrus: bring out Angelica, the Canonicus

  • bring out Nefertiti
  • bring out Tupdog

  • Villein Sarrasine for 4
  • Eternals of Sirius
  • bring out Kemintiri

Turn 4

  • Isanwayen plays superior GtU
  • bring out Banjoko
  • bring out Andrew Emory

  • Lucinde calls Parity Shift, Angelica tries to block but fails, 5 from Petrus to Mikko, passes. Velvet Tongue from Kemintiri (Corruption Counter on Lucinde). Lucinde Freak Drives.
  • Arika calls Conservative Agitation, 4 to Petrus, 1 to Tommi, passes, Arika Freak Drives.
  • Lucinde steals Jake with Entrancement
  • Arika bleeds, gets bounced to Pasi (bleed of 3)

  • Blood Doll on Angelica
  • Angelica gets Abbot

  • Villein Nefertiti for 7
  • Nefertiti bleeds with Intimidation, gets Enkil Cog
  • Untap Nefertiti with Metro

  • Villein Kemintiri for 6
  • Kemintiri plays Epiphany, merges ("2nd Ventrue Justicar on table!" :)
  • Kemintiri removes Pentex
  • Sarrasine plays Epiphany, merges
  • Sarassine Banishes Isanwayen, Voter Cap for 5
  • (Enkil Cog: Nefertiti bleeds)
  • burn Wider View

Turn 5

  • Ashur Tablets
  • Banjoko bleeds for 1
  • bring out Isanwayen

  • Zillah's Valley
  • Arika bleeds for 5, Freak Drive
  • Arika plays superior Scouting Mission
  • Lucinde rushes Nefertiti, plays Majesty
  • Lucinde calls Parity Shift, DI from Tommi
  • Lucinde plays Mind Rape on Isanwayen

Petrus: -

  • Opium Den
  • Nefertiti bleeds for 3
  • bring out Kahina, the Sorceress
  • untap Nefertiti with Metro

  • Kemintiri calls Reckless Agitation, 4 to Tommi, 2 to Petrus, passes. Voter Cap.
  • bring out Khay'tall, Snake of Eden

Turn 6

Tommi: Andrew Emory bleeds with GtU

  • Villein Lucinde for 3
  • Pentex on Angelica, Sudden Reversal from Petrus
  • move 5 from Isanwayen to Lucinde (Heidelberg)
  • Isanwayen hunts with Abactor, does not burn
  • Lucinde bleeds, gets blocked, Majesty
  • Arika Banishes Nefertiti, passes, gets Corruption Counter from a Velvet Tongue, Voter Cap, Freak Drive
  • Arika bleeds for 3

Petrus: -

  • Villein Kahina for 5
  • Kahina bleeds for 4
  • Kahina untaps with Metro

  • Villein Khay'tall for 5
  • Ferraille
  • Wider View
  • Khay'tall plays Epiphany (fails to find anything)
  • Sarassine calls Parity Shift, 5 from Pasi, fails
  • Khay'tall Banishes Banjoko, passes, Voter Cap
  • Kemintiri calls Rumors of Gehenna (for all except Mikko), fails

Turn 7

  • Dreams of the Sphinx
  • Andrew bleeds with GtU

  • Arika bleeds for 3, Freak Drive
  • Lucinde calls 1st Tradition, would pass but Delaying Tactics from Banjoko
  • Lucinde bleeds with Mind Rape, Petrus is ousted (49 min game time left)
  • Arika calls Ancient Influence, passes, Voter Cap

  • burn Metro & Opium Den instead of paying for them (Arika)
  • Kahina bleeds for 3
  • bring out Nefertiti

  • Kemintiri rushes Arika, strike Serpent's Numbing Kiss, Arike strikes Majesty (still is tapped)
  • Sarassine calls Parity Shift, 4 from Mikko, passes, Voter Cap
  • Khay'tall bleeds, bounced to Mikko, Jake tries to block but fails (bleed of 1)
  • (Enkil Cog: Nefertiti bleeds for 3)

Turn 8

  • Coven
  • Ashur Tablets (triggers, bring DI to hand)
  • tap Isanwayen to play Grand Convocation
  • Andrew bleeds with GtU
  • Banjoko plays Nocturn, Nocturn bleeds for 1
  • Banjoko bleeds for 2
  • bring out Dame Hollerton

  • Hostile Takeover on Dame, Jens pays 5
  • Lucinde bleeds with GtU, Freak Drive
  • Lucinde calls 1st Tradition, passes, Voter Cap

  • pay for turn
  • Pentex on Arika
  • Kahina gets Learjet

  • pay for turn
  • Opium Den
  • Eternals of Sirius
  • Dame plays Epiphany (again, nothing found)
  • Sarassine calls Parity Shift, 4 from Tommi
  • Dame bleeds for 1
  • Kemintiri rushes Lucinde, strikes Serpent's Numbing Kiss

Turn 9

  • pay for turn
  • Banjoko bleeds for 4
  • Andrew bleeds with GtU + Conditioning (5)

  • pay for turn
  • Villein Arika for 10
  • Giant's Blood
  • (Enkil Cog: Nefertiti bleeds with Conditioning, for 6)
  • Jake removes Pentex
  • Arika bleeds with Enchant Kindred, Pasi is ousted (20 minutes game time left)

  • pay for turn
  • burn Opium Den, pay for Parthenon (Arika)
  • Eternals of Sirius x 2
  • Sarrasine calls Parity Shift, 3 from Mikko, passes
  • Khay'tall calls Ancilla Empowerment, DI from Tommi
  • Khay'tall calls KRC, 2 to Mikko, 2 to Tommi, passes

Turn 10

  • pay for turn
  • Andrew hunts
  • Banjoko bleeds for 1

  • pay for turn
  • Villein Arika for 10
  • Zillah's Valley
  • Arika bleeds for 3
  • Lucinde bleeds for 1

  • pay for turn + Parthenon
  • Eternals of Sirius x 2
  • Khay'tall Banishes Isanwayen, Delaying Tactics from Isanwayen
  • Sarrasine bleeds for 1, bounced to Mikko
  • Khay'tall bleeds for 1, bounced to Mikko
  • Kemintiri bleeds for 1, Tommi is ousted (10 minutes game time left)
  • Dame bleeds for 1

Turn 11

  • pay for turn, 1st Tradition burns
  • move blood with Heidelberg, burn Jake (for blood)
  • Arika bleeds for 3
  • Lucinde bleeds for 1

  • pay for Parthenon
  • Kemintiri bleeds for 2
  • Khay'tall bleeds for 1
  • Dame bleeds for 1

Turn 12

  • Arika bleeds, Freak Drive
  • Lucinde bleeds with Mind Rape
  • Arika calls Reins of Power, fails (Velvet Tongue)

  • Villein Dame for 4
  • Dame bleeds for 1
  • Khay'tall bleeds for 1
  • Kemintiri bleeds for 2

Turn 13

  • Arika bleeds for 3
  • Lucinde bleeds for 1

  • Parthenon burns
  • Dame bleeds for 1
  • Khay'tall calls KRC, 3+1, passes
  • Sarrasine calls KRC, 3+1, passes
  • Kemintiri bleeds for 2, Mikko is ousted

Game ends, with 4 minutes of game time left on clock. Close one.
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Some snapshots from my mobile phone.

Attachment IMG_20150515_204103.jpg not found

Attachment IMG_20150515_204112.jpg not found

Attachment IMG_20150515_204123.jpg not found

Attachment IMG_20150515_204131.jpg not found

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Attachment IMG_20150516_004723.jpg not found

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Some pictures from the finals, from Noora Hirvonen (thanks!)

Attachment 10408922_10153295943324501_8309333349686461982_n.jpg not found

Attachment 10988589_10153295943429501_7589606988197245608_n.jpg not found

Attachment 11180602_10153295943204501_5621665194964775401_n.jpg not found

Attachment 11214360_10153295943314501_1991464107720714984_n.jpg not found

Attachment 11218983_10153295943194501_6241659609040772471_n.jpg not found

Attachment 11252007_10153295943214501_7446598284113246897_n.jpg not found

Attachment 11350703_10153295943409501_6078720553739497560_n.jpg not found

Attachment 11377091_10153295943349501_1197641496602453181_n.jpg not found

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