WON part 7 - VTES draft

30 May 2012, 00:00 – 00:00

Expectation is this will be a VTES only draft with jyhad/HTTB used to fill up gaps as necessary.

~$2.7 per booster so total for 6 boosters = $16, have 100 boosters in total so depending on numbers we will have 5-6 boosters.

please buy beer and food at Mac's and/or Fabian's

Organizer Hugh Angseesing
Venue Mac's Cafe
693 North Hight Street, Columbus, Ohio
43215, Columbus, Ohio, United States
Rounds 2 + Final
Time Limit 2 hours
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee ~$16
Website http://www.thelasombra.com/NAC2012/won2k12.htm