Tournament: Röd Front

27 April 2013, 12:00 – 21:00
Standard Constructed

I am making my famous chili for this tournament so lunch is included, there is also a sauna in the venue for post-tournament beers.

Winner gets the Gröna Kortet which allows unlimited access to Gröna Lund for 2013 There will also be prizes for the finalists and promos for all if possible.

For people travelling and not having a set place to stay, there is the possibility of staying the night at a small loan-flat if I am contacted at least a week or so in advance. The cost is a total of 10euros a night, no matter the amount of residents. The flats can house 5 or 2 people respectively.

Organizer Ivan Marin-Rivas
Venue Kronoberg
Kronobergsgatan 9

11242, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Rounds 3 + Final
Time Limit 2
Proxies are NOT allowed
Fee 50 SEK
Phone +46-70-9214349