0. Resources for demos:

1. Contact your local Prince (optional):

The V:EKN has a list of Princes (volunteers who help promote the game in their local areas) worldwide. One of them would be happy to help you organize your demo, or, if there's no Prince in your area, you could become a Prince yourself. A prince can only be appointed by the national coordinator of his or her country or a member of the Inner Circle. For contact information, please visit the National Coordinator list or the Inner Circle list.

2. Contact your local retailer (optional):

Coordinate with your local game retailer to arrange the time, place, demo product and prizes for the demo.

3. Register your event:

Fill out the event form sufficiently in advance of the event date. Once submitted, your event will appear on the Event Calendar.

4. Advertise!:

To ensure that as many players as possible attend your event, advertise your demo (with fliers, etc.) sufficiently in advance. Tournament Flier (1MB jpg).

5. Ready your resources:

You'll want to be familiar with the Game Rules at least. You may also want to be acquainted with the Tournament Rules, and Rulings and Errata, in order to answer questions the players have about those.

6. Run Your Demo:

(This is the fun part.)

7. Report the results:

Send the Ratings Coordinator a brief report on your demo, to let us know how it went.