Compilation from the RTR:

Action Continues As If Unblocked:

  • If an effect continues a blocked action "as if unblocked", then all action modifiers and reaction cards, including stealth and Dawn Operation or Wake with Evening's Freshness, are still in effect. [RTR 19941109]
  • An action cannot continue "as if unblocked" after a combat resulting from a successful action. [RTR 19970630]
  • Any effect that starts a new combat after the combat that was ended by (or continues the combat that was ended by) a "combat ends and the action continues as if unblocked" will nullify the "continue action" part. This includes Psyche (superior), Fast Reaction, Hidden Lurker, and Telepathic Tracking. [LSJ 19980109]
  • Performing diablerie (via Amaranth) at the end of the combat that is ended by a "combat ends and the action continues as if unblocked" effect will nullify the "continue action" part. [LSJ 19980819]
  • "continue as if unblocked" inherently moves the action card from the ash heap (where it went when the action was blocked) to limbo (where it should be if the action is not blocked). If the action card is not in the ash heap, then the action cannot be continued (like Swarm or Reinforcements). [20070808 ]

Action Modifiers/Reactions:

  • Action Modifiers that can be played by minions other than the acting minion (Hidden Lurker, Mask of a Thousand Faces, superior Cloak the Gathering) can only be played by the controller of the acting minion. [LSJ 19990425]
  • Action modifiers cannot be played by a vampire in torpor unless that vampire is the acting minion. [RTR 19970306]


  • Between the time the action card (including ally, equipment, retainer, and political action cards) is played and the action completely resolved, the action card is neither in play nor in the ash heap. When the action is resolved, the card is burned or put in play, as appropriate. [LSJ 20040623]
  • If a minion cannot pay the entire cost of an action when the action resolves, what cost can be paid is paid, and the action continues with no effect ("fizzles"). It is considered successful. [RTR 20011007]
  • If a minion cannot take a mandatory action (for whatever reason), the he is stuck and can take no action. [LSJ 20010810]
  • Any action which retrieves an equipment card and says to 'equip' the acting minion with that card is considered an 'equip action'. [TOM 19960130]
  • If the Methuselah loses control of the acting minion before the resolution of the action, then the action ends. [RTR 19970630]
  • Cards and abilities that are usable only after a successful action are used after the action is resolved, including any oustings. [RTR 19970630]
  • If an action requires a ready minion, it fizzles as soon as the minion is no longer ready. Similarily, if an action requires a non-ready minion (eg., the leave torpor action), it fizzles as soon as the minion is no longer non-ready (eg., using the Warsaw Station). [LSJ20090325]


  • Ignore all "burn blood" effects entirely. [TOM 19960326]
  • There is no limit to an Ally's life (if some effect gives an Ally more life than it started with, the excess does not drain off). [TOM 19960604]
  • An ally that plays a card "as a vampire" is treated "as a vampire" for all puposes of the resolution of the play of that card including any continuing effects, but not for effects the card generates for being in play. [RTR 20070707]


  • If the target of a directed action is reset, a new "choose blockers" opportunity results. [RTR 19970630]
  • Combat occurs as part of the block - not after the block. (So Cats' Guidance and Freak Drive are played after the combat, not before). [RTR 19980623]

Casting votes or ballots and abstaining:

  • If an effect causes a minion to be unable to cast votes or ballots during a referendum is played/used, that minion is forced to abstain, whether he or she had already cast votes or ballots. [PBE 20141026]


  • By default, combat cards only apply to the round in which they are played. Explicit card text is needed to overcome this default. [RTR 19980623]
  • A maneuver or press gained by a combat card can only be used during the current round of combat. A maneuver or press gained by a non-combat card (e.g., action, equipment) can be used in any round of the combat. [TOM 19960521]
  • If an effect "sets" the range of a round (and therefore skips the maneuver phase), no other effect can be used to reset the range. [RTR 19970630]
  • A vampire burned in combat does not pass through Torpor. [RTR 19941109]
  • Cards which are not usable by vampires going to Torpor are not usable by vampires burned in combat, either. [RTR 19950622]
  • Cards which are not usable by vampires going to Torpor only check to see if the vampire is currently going to torpor, not if the vampire will be going to Torpor later. E.g., A vampire with Undead Persistence can still play these types of cards. [LSJ 19970304]
  • Hand Strike: any non-ranged, non-weapon strike that deals damage based on the striking minion's strength, or any minion's non-ranged damage-dealing innate strike. [LSJ 19970224]
  • If the strike does something in addition to ending combat, that something takes place just after the combat ends, unless it is an untap effect, in which case it takes place before the end of combat. [RTR 19970630]
  • If a strike has additional effects like a press (e.g., Thrown Sewer Lid, Kraken's Kiss, Wind Dance), and that strike is canceled (e.g., with Primal Instincts or with The Jones), then the rest of the effect is also canceled. [RTR 20040501]
  • Combat effects played at the end of a round/combat can be played when the round ends via S:CE or similar. [RTR 20001020]
  • You can use an effect that will steal/burn more blood (or life) than the target minion has - you steal/burn what he has. The effect targets the minion, not the counters. [RTR 20010710]
  • Only maneuvering with a weapon commits you to striking with that weapon. Other effects can be used without striking with the weapon. [LSJ 19971215]
  • If you have any pending (additional) strikes, wait until those strikes are resolved before gaining further additional strikes (if you are allowed to use more than one additional-strike-gaining effect in a round). [LSJ 20001206]
  • You can gain additional strikes even if you cannot strike. You still cannot strike with the additional strike, however. [LSJ 19970821]
  • Things that are played "at the end of round" (Disarm, Taste of Vitae, Psyche!, etc.) are played after all presses for the round are handled (if the round makes it that far; they can be played if the round ends prematurely, as normal). [RTR 20030519]
  • An effect which would cause (a new) combat cannot be used if there is already a pending combat queued. [RTR 20020501]


  • Unique cards on contested cards are out of the game except with respect to being contested. They are contested as normal, should the need arise. [RTR 19951017]
  • Incoming copies of contested cards do not enter play prior to being contested. Any effect the new copy of the contested has for being in play is not activated prior to the contest. [RTR 20030519]
  • Temporary control effects are ended if the vampire is contested, as normal, so the vampire would be placed facedown in front of his previous (permanent) controller. [RTR 20000501]
  • If an ally would enter play and contest, and if all other copies are yielded, that ally returns into play in the uncontrolled area where that ally was placed when entering contest. That ally can't act on that turn. [LSJ 20050428]

Controlled Cards:

  • If control of a card is returned to a player who has been ousted, the card is burned. [RTR 19960221]
  • A card with a clan symbol only requires a ready member of that clan *when played*. You don't need a clan member to gain control of the card (via Far Mastery, Disputed Territory, etc.) once it's in play. [TOM 19960226]

Damage (Combat):

  • Damage is only considered to have come from a minion if the damage is from a strike or if an effect specifically states that the damage is dealt by the minion. Otherwise, the damage is considered "environmental" and a) damage inflicted by damage-dealing retainers is considered to come from that retainer; b) damage from other effects has no particular source. [RTR 19970630][ANK 20211127]
  • Resolving multiple points of (simultaneous) damage is done all at once - you cannot interrupt the process to play some other effect (like tapping the Vagabond Mystic). [LSJ 20001111]
  • The damage modifier must be played before the end of the Choose Strike phase in order to affect the current strike. [RTR 19960112]
  • Ammo cards are played before any strikes take effect regardless of whether those strikes deal damage or not. Thus, if a vampire who is getting shot with Dragon's Breath Rounds is targeted by Rotschreck, the combat will end before either strike does anything. [RTR 19960221]
  • Adding damage to strikes which are not damage dealing strikes will not deal damage (e.g., using Lucky Blow and choosing your Rowan Ring melee weapon won't deal damage) [RTR 19960221]
  • Additional damage inherits all of the properties of the base damage (So the +1 damage from lucky blow is aggravated for Basilia). [RTR ]
  • The base damage does not inherit the properties of the additional damage (So a Saturday Night Special with Dragon's Breath Rounds does 1 normal plus 2 aggravated damage). [RTR ]
  • Effects that increase the damage provided by strike cards affect those cards rather than the striking minion (so the added damage is the same type as the strike's damage, not the base damage). [RTR 19970630]
  • Effects that prevent "up to X" or that prevent "X" damage have the same effect -- they prevent as much damage as possible, up to the maximimum (X) specified. [RTR 20041202]
  • "Damage from a strike" only includes damage done to the opposing target. Side effect damage is not counted as "damage from a strike". Therefore, self-inflicted damage from Zip Gun, Grenade, Burst of Sunlight, Body of Sun, etc. is side effect damage and is not preventable by "prevent damage from a strike" effects like Skin of Steel, Leather Jacket, etc. [LSJ 19970108] [ ]
  • Damage done to an uncontrolled vampire is ignored. [RTR 19991001]
  • Cards that prevent damage are only usable at least one non-unpreventable damage remains unprevented.
  • A card can prevent more damage than the remaining unprevented damage.

Directed Actions:

  • Actions which target another player's hand, uncontrolled region, crypt, or library (or cards therein) are directed at that player. (Actions which target another player's ash heap are undirected by default). [LSJ 20010924] [LSJ 20010926]
  • An action you take directed only at yourself (or something you control) is an undirected action, even if the action is marked with a (D) symbol. [RTR 19980707]


  • Equipment is not optional, unless indicated by card text. Using a weapon as a strike is optional. [RTR 19980707] [ ]
  • Equipment only applies while in possession. If needed for an action, the action will fizzle if the acting minion doesn't possess the equipment when the action resolves. [RTR 19960221]
  • A weapon's "current damage" is the amount of damage that the weapon would inflict if used as a strike by bearer against a generic opponent. (This affects Machine Blitz). [RTR 19980623]
  • A "regular strike" is unmodified, so would use the default strength [LSJ 20020821]

Equipments which are Locations (Loquipment):

  • Loquipment doesn't count as equipment while it is in play. [RTR 19960112]
  • Loquipment may be put on any minion if moved in an ambiguous fashion (by Disputed Territory, e.g.). If the new controller has no minions, the locquipment is burned. (Note: currently all moves are ambiguous - TOM). [RTR 19960112]
  • Transferring Locquipment via Disputed Territory to the *same* Methuselah that currently controls the locquipment results in no effect - the locquipment cannot be moved to a different minion of the same Methuselah. [LSJ 19971002]


  • Any hunt modification (Aaron's Razor, Hesha, etc.) is allowed on special hunts (Legacy of Cain, Week of Nightmares, etc.), following card text. Note that card text on Festivo dello Estinto and Inbase Discotek explicitly move the additional blood from the blood bank (rather than from the new, non-default, target of the hunt). [RTR 20030519]

Imbued Powers:

  • A Power's reaction effect can be used only when reactions can be used. On the Qui Vive can be used to enable a tapped Imbued to use the reaction effect. Similarly, Blind Spot would prevent an Imbued from using the reaction effect. [LSJ 20070403] [LSJ 20070413]


  • Having other effects that cause the infernal vampire not to untap as normal during the untap phase are redundant with being infernal. If the vampire doesn't untap because of being infernal and because he has a Sensory Deprivation, for example, his controller may still burn a pool to untap the vampire. [LSJ 20050114]

Library/Hand/Ash Heap:

  • If you hold fewer cards in hand than your hand size because your library is empty and then one or more cards are returned to your library, immediately draw the cards into your hand (stopping if your reach your hand size). [LSJ 20001127]
  • The cards that you are currently not replacing count against your hand size. [LSJ 19980803]
  • Cards that go into an ash heap, hand, or library always go into their owner's ash heap, hand, or library. [RTR 19970425]
  • If an effect causes you to search your library or crypt, shuffle that deck afterward. [LSJ 20040518]

Master Cards:

  • Changing the controller of a location has no other effect, unless specified by card text. Exception: A location "on" another controlled card is moved onto an appropriate card controlled by the new controller of the location. (so you can retarget a Tomb of Ramses, for example, but the amount of blood on a powerbase doesn't change). [RTR 19980623]
  • The effect of the Master Card is completely defined when the card is played (any targets must be named). [LSJ 19970630]
  • The Master: Discipline card increases the vampire's level of the Discipline by 1 while it is on the vampire. Discipline levels: 0 (none), 1 (normal), and 2 (superior). [LSJ 20011227]

Merging advanced vampires:

  • Any blood counters (or other cards, if the vampire had been Banished, for example) on the uncontrolled card being merged are burned. They do not transfer to the vampire in play. Only the crypt card is moved to the vampire in play. [LSJ 20030418] [LSJ 20030421]

Minion cards:

  • When played, a split Discipline card counts as requiring the Discipline being used (for effects that enhance or restrict cards that require certain Disciplines). In the hand (or library or ash heap), the card can be considered to require either Discipline (for effects that retrieve cards that require certain Disciplines). [LSJ 20020510]
  • A Discipline-based card that is put into play is put into play at either basic or superior level. Once in play, you can't change which level it was played at, even if you give the vampire that played it a better ability. [TOM 19960403]

Playing Cards:

  • If a card targets (chooses, selects, is played on, etc.) some target, then the card can only be played if an appropriate target is available. Examples: Strike: Steal/Destroy Equipment/Weapon cannot be used if the opposing minion doesn't have a suitable Equipment/Weapon to be destroyed/stolen. [RTR 19980928] [LSJ 20030408] "Stealing blood" effects target a minion, not its blood (or life) counters.
  • You cannot play a card whose cost cannot be paid. If, between the time a action card is played (or an action is attempted) and the time the cost of the action is paid, you no longer can pay the cost, then you pay as much as you can and the card is burned without effect (or the action has no effect). [TOM 19960514] [RTR 20010710]
  • A card can be canceled "as it is played" (with Sudden Reversal, Direct Intervention, etc.) only as it is played. The only cards that can be played "as" another one is played are the ones the players have in their hands at the time. You cannot use the Barrens after a master card is played, for example, to attempt to draw into a Sudden Reversal to cancel it. [RTR 20040501]
  • An effect that allows a minion to play a card that requires a Discipline he doesn't have (e.g., Infernal Familiar, Ian Forestal) can be used to meet one (not both) of the normal Discipline requirements of a multi-Discipline card. [LSJ 20011217]

Priscus (Prisci Ballots):

  • Prisci in general have zero votes (for effects that operate based on the number of votes a vampire has). [RTR 19970630]
  • If a Priscus is forced to abstain or to change his votes, then this includes his ballots as well as his votes (if any) in the main referendum. [LSJ 19970224]
  • An individual Priscus is not tainted by the result of the Prisci sub-referendum. (This only matters for cards like Bribes and Scorn of Adonis that care which way individual minions cast their votes.) A Priscus is considered to have cast ballots (and votes) "for" or "against" (or to have abstained from) the main referendum based on how he cast his ballot(s) in the sub-referendum (and in the main referendum), regardless of the result of that sub-referendum. [RTR 20000501]


  • If a retainer which requires a Discipline to be employed is brought into play by a means other than "Employ Retainer", treat it as if it were brought into play with the basic version of the Discipline. [RTR 19960221]
  • Any reference to the employing vampire should be a reference to the employing minion, unless the retainer's ability clearly only applies to a vampire (i.e., unless the ability affects blood, Disciplines, clan, sect, capacity, titles, or votes). [RTR 19960530] [RTR 19990105]
  • Damage done to retainers is not "unpreventable" nor "undodgable", although there are few effects that allow a retainer to prevent damage or dodge strikes. [LSJ 20070820]


  • "During time period X, (you may) do Y" limits Y to once per phase X. [LSJ 19970625]
  • "At the start of the untap phase" is another way of specifying "during the untap phase". Neither phrasing specifies a period of time before the other. [RTR 19990105]
  • "As played" (a phrase used by many card-canceling effects) comes after the card in question is fully announced and before the played card is replaced and before the effect the play generates. In general, no card or effect can be used in this window. The only ones that can be arethe effects that say so, and Wake-style effects that enable such cards to be played ("may play reaction cards" effects, not "untap self" or other effects). [RTR]
  • "Same Action" means: 1) The same inherent (cardless) action taken against the same target. 2) The action taken with the same card played from hand, regardless of target. 3) The same action provided by the same copy of a card in play. (Each action provided by a card in play is a distinct action (and doesn't count as the "same action"). [RTR 19950905]
  • Any "same action" is the "same type of action" - so a superior Govern the Unaligned is a Govern action type just as a inferior Govern the Unaligned is (and the inferior is also a bleed action type). [LSJ 20001122]


  • Blood capacity gained by gaining a title will be lost if the title is lost. [TOM 19960210]

Torpor and Diablerie:

  • Only vampires can commit diablerie. Effects that would allow something other than a vampire to commit diablerie are ignored. [RTR 19970630]
  • If a blood hunt cannot be called (Muaziz, the diablerist of March Halcyon, etc.), then no referendum to call one is conducted. [LSJ 20020715]
  • Only ready vampires can commit diablerie. Vampires in Torpor cannot. [RTR 19980623]
  • The steps of diablerie (section 6.5.5 of the rules) are indivisible - you cannot interrupt them to play other effects (exceptions made for effects played within the referendum, per 6.5.6). Notably: effects played when a vampire is about to be burned are played before the whole thing and effects played when a vampire is burned (meaning "has been") or after a vampire is burned are played after the whole thing. [LSJ 20020311] [LSJ 20020411]
  • If an event both burns and torporizes a vampire, the controller decides whether the vampire will go into torpor before being burned. [RTR 19960708]

Vampires/Crypt/Uncontrolled Region:

  • A vampire's capacity can never be reduced below one, even by the effects of Violet Tremain or Mind of a Child. [RTR 19990712]
  • If a Caitiff creates another vampire (via the Embrace, for example), the created is Caitiff (and clanless) by default (unless card text says otherwise, of course). [LSJ 20011228] [LSJ 20020102]
  • If you fill up two uncontrolled scarce vampires of the same clan (see during your influence phase, you move one into the controlled region and then the other - burning an additional 3 pool for the second because of the first. [LSJ 20011018]
  • If you contest a scarce vampire (see, you pay the 3-pool-per-same-clan penalty when putting the card into play (before contesting begins). [LSJ 20011018]

Casting votes and ballots:

  • The first thing that happens during a referendum is the setting of terms. All the other effects are played during the polling step. This includes cards that are used "before votes and ballots are cast". (This is errata to [], making the setting of terms the only thing done in that step.) [RTR 20040501]
  • All votes and ballots from a single source must be cast in agreement. A single source is a minion or a single non-minion source (like Ventrue HQ). All the votes a single vampire casts must be cast in agreement. All the votes and ballots from a given non-minion source must be cast in agreement (you cannot tap the Ventrue HQ and cast 2 in favor and 1 against). [LSJ 20020126]
  • If a referendum will pass automatically (e.g., Cryptic Rider, Charming Lobby, Malkavian Rider Clause, Día de los Muertos), then no casting votes or ballots occurs during the automatic referendum, and most "during a political action" and "during a referendum" effects cannot be used. E.g., Delaying Tactics cannot be used to cancel the referendum. Any effects that operate on the number of votes that the referendum passed by have no effect. [LSJ 19980107]
  • An effect that cancels a referendum (Telepathic Vote Counting, Gangrel Conspiracy, etc.) may be played at any time during the voting process - before, during, or after votes and ballots have been cast. [LSJ 19980130]
  • An effect that cancels a minion's votes and/or ballots (Telepathic Vote Counting, Pulling Strings, etc.) may be played at any time during the voting process - before or after that minion casts his votes and/or ballots. [RTR 19950530] [LSJ 19990723]