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Vampire: Elder Kindred NetworkTM is the Official V:TES Players' Organization dedicated to the continued health of V:TES. The V:EKN endeavors to help V:TES grow in popularity through the embracing of new players as well as through the support of the existing fans.

The V:EKN is the organization responsible for sanctioning and regulating official V:TES tournaments, recording V:TES players' ratings (and rankings), and sponsoring the creation of monthly Clan Newsletters.

V:EKN Princes are volunteers who promote V:TES at the local level by, for example, coordinating tournaments and demos.


All players who register with V:EKN shall be assigned a unique V:EKN membership number. Only registered players with an active standing shall be able to hold Volunteer Officer Positions. A player must play in at least one officially sanctioned event within the past 18 months to be considered active. Lapsed players shall be again considered active for the next 18 months after participating an officially sanctioned event.

Organization and Officers of V:EKN

Inner Circle

National Coordinators



Rules Team Rulings - 02-DEC-2014 PDF Print E-mail

As always, changes contained herein do not go into effect for sanctioned tournaments for 30 days. (So these become active on January 1st, 2015.)

These rules replace the existing rules. The changes are highlighted in yellow.


Tournament Rules changes

3.1.1. Round Time Limits
Each round in the tournament has a time limit. The minimum time limit used in V:TES rounds is two hours. The time limit must be announced before play begins. The final round may last longer than the preliminary rounds, at the judge's option.
When the round is over, the judge will notify all players. The game will end with the current minion action - if any -, or at the end of the current phase, if the notification didn't happen during the minion phase.


Continental Championships Qualifications changes

How To Qualify
The winner of a sanctioned, rated, standard constructed tournament of 8 or more players will be qualified for all Continental Championships.


Pascal Bertrand
Rules Director

Designers' Diary entry for late November 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Hey everyone!

We have a significant enough backlog of Storyline reward cards that we've decided to change our production schedule a bit. Playtest for the Storyline reward cards began yesterday and will run until the end of January. There are 13 total cards in that batch, including cards from The Returned, the Budapest EC storyline, Battle Lines, the Palma de Mallorca EC storyline, and the Lisbon storyline event from 2009. There are 13 cards, 10 of which already have artwork, and we're aiming for a February release.

Development for the Anarch set has been ongoing, and we plan to finish development by the end of this year, finalize cards, and then begin playtesting in early January. We're still hoping to release the set at the 2015 EC in Warsaw, but it's going to be tight. We'll be sure to keep you all informed as things progress!

- Ben Peal and the V:EKN Design Team
Designers' Diary entry for October 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Hey, everyone!

I had a fantastic weekend at the European Championships in Mannheim. Many thanks to everyone who attended - it was great seeing you all! Many thanks to the hosts, as well!

At the EC Mike and I gave a presentation and Q&A session for the new expansion, The Unaligned. By now you've all seen the cards, but here are some additional announcements from the presentation:

- The next set, due in October of 2015, will be Anarch-themed. It will be 50 or so cards in size. We're strongly considering Bloodlines for 2016.

- Playtesting for the next set will start in November. Please talk to Playtest Coordinator Hugh Angseesing (Squidalot on if you'd like to be a playtester.

- If you have ideas for Anarch cards, or any other cards, feel free to post them in the Expansion Sets & Card Ideas forum on We do read that forum - Illusory Resources from The Unaligned was directly inspired by a post there.

- An even better way to try out card ideas is to run a Storyline event! They get your ideas out there and tested in actual games. Talk to Storyline Coordinator Mike Nudd (mikelosaurus on if you'd like to do this.

- We'll be releasing some overdue Storyline reward cards sometime in the next several months. This will include older Storyline events, such as the Battle Lines event, and the Budapest EC Storyline. We'll also be reviewing the crypt cards from The Returned event for possible approval in sanctioned tournaments. We don't have an exact release date for these as they'll need testing and we'll need artwork for a couple of cards, but we're hoping to have them ready by February.

- We're very grateful for all of the work that our artists have contributed. I highly recommend checking out their other works in their portfolios. Most of them are available for commissioned work, and some have prints and original pieces for sale. You can find the list of artists and links to their online portfolios here:

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!

- Ben Peal and the V:EKN Design Team

The Unaligned released! PDF Print E-mail



Official release: October 4, 2014

Legal for Tournament Play: November 3, 2014


Vampire: Elder Kindred Network's second expansion for Vampire: the Eternal Struggle is The Unaligned, which focuses on the main Independent clans: Assamites, Followers of Set, Gangrel, Giovanni and Ravnos. The expansion is released in PDF format.

The set contains 47 crypt cards and 25 library cards.


PREVIEWS 9 and 10

In the Week of Nightmares, the Ravnos were nearly wiped out. Those who survived tended to be Ravnos antitribu, so we've included a few Sabbat Ravnos in The Unaligned. The Independent Ravnos in the set help fill some holes in Groups 3-6. The library cards are a mix of combat, bleed, and defense.

tu-preview9 tu-preview8

Francesc Grimalt is an artist from
Spain. Please, check his online
portfolio here.

James Richardson is an artist from
California. Please, check his online
portfolio here.


PREVIEWS 7 and 8

The Giovanni have long under-utilized their Potence in V:TES. In The Unaligned, we've deepened the crypt options and strengthened the Potence in the Giovanni crypt cards for Groups 5-6. The library cards likewise have a strong combat emphasis.

tu-preview7 tu-preview8

Gábor Németh is an artist from
Hungary. Please, check his online
portfolio here.

Ginés Quiñonero is an artist from
Spain. Please, check his online
portfolio here.


PREVIEWS 5 and 6

The crypt cards for Gangrel in The Unaligned add more depth to titled vampires, as well as more overall depth to their crypt in Groups 4-5. Gangrel have needed a lot of help with their library card options, but we didn't want to change their overall theme and feel. We've opted to expand their toolboxy options, as well as give them more time to develop their strategies. We're also thrilled to have fan-favorite Heather Kreiter and Jarkko Suvela return for artwork in the new set!

tu-preview5 tu-preview6

Jarkko Suvela is an artist from
Finland. Please, check his online
portfolio here.

Heather Kreiter is an artist based in
Pennsylvania. Please, check her online
portfolio here.


PREVIEWS 3 and 4

For the Followers of Set in the new expansion, the focus was on adding depth to their crypt options in Group 6. The library cards have a toolboxy feel, adding options for politics, defense, corruption counters, and mummies.

tu-preview3 tu-preview4

Mark Kelly is an artist from
Scotland. Please, check his online
portfolio here.

Ginés Quiñonero is an artist from
Spain. Please, check his online
portfolio here.


PREVIEWS 1 and 2

The Vampire: the Masquerade storyline concluded with Gehenna, cutting short the efforts of the Assamites to join the Camarilla. The Unaligned explores this plot arc more deeply with some emphasis on the Vizier caste and the Assamites' candidate for the Inner Circle. The library cards have a strong focus on the Assamites' combat capabilities.

tu-preview1 tu-preview2

Ari Targownik is an artist from
California. Please, check his online
portfolio here.

Ginés Quiñonero is an artist from
Spain. Please, check his online
portfolio here.







Abid bin Haji
Al-Ashrad (Advanced)
Matias Cazimirski, Biker of Blood
Rebekah Assamite
Wise Frog Assamite
Cao Nguyen Follower of Set
Count Jocalo Follower of Set
Elizabeth Dimitros Follower of Set
Ghede Follower of Set
Glycon Follower of Set
Legba Follower of Set
Missy Schillingford Follower of Set
Sarrasine (Advanced) Follower of Set
Shahara al-Rashwa Follower of Set
Art Morgan Gangrel
Brunhilde (Advanced) Gangrel
C.J. Gangrel
Dr. Sutton Gassaway Gangrel
Inyanga Gangrel
Malcolm Gangrel
Mark Decker Gangrel
Matasuntha Gangrel
Rosa Hernández Gangrel
Valkyrie Gangrel
Xaviar (Advanced) Gangrel
Bez Dunsirn Giovanni
Domenic Giovanni Giovanni
Dr. Oliver Genet Giovanni
Enzo Giovanni (Advanced) Giovanni
Lisandro Giovanni Giovanni
Lupo Giovanni Giovanni
Madeleine Giovanni Giovanni
Martino della Passaglia Giovanni
Salvatore Giovanni Giovanni
Adri the Seeker Ravnos
Delizbieta of the Dark Eyes Ravnos
Dhita Choudhair Ravnos
Dr. Lawrence Mayhew Ravnos
Iago Castille Ravnos
Ivan Krenyenko (Advanced) Ravnos
Karmenita Yoryari Ravnos
Sanjay Chakrabarti Ravnos
Vestgeir Ravnos



Bear's Skin
Dam the Heart's River
Ennoia's Theater
Focus the Blood
Funeral Wake
Gianna di Canneto
Gift of Proteus
Giulia Giovanni Abruzzina
Hall of Mirrors
Illusory Resources
In Memory of the Two Lands
Nar-Sheptha Retainer
Ophidian Gaze Reaction
Priority Contract Master
Rewilding Action
Saatet-ta Ally
Sanguine Entrapment Combat
Serpent's Numbing Kiss Combat
Skaald Action
Spiritual Guidance Combat
Suspension of Disbelief Action
Thing Action
Velvet Tongue Action Modifier/Reaction
Zephyr Action Modifier
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Storyline Diary - October 2014 PDF Print E-mail


As I type this I am sitting in the Hotel Luxa in Mannheim, looking forward to playing VTES at this year’s European Championship, which also marks the 20th anniversary of our favourite card game. I don’t have any new rules or cards for you this month, but I thought I would take the opportunity to reminisce a little bit.

When Vampire: The Masquerade was first published in 1991 it really rocked my world. I’d already been roleplaying for a few years and had tried many ‘classics’ including Dungeons & Dragons, Paranoia and Call of Cthulhu. However I hadn’t yet found a game that I could claim as a games master but as soon as I saw VTM I knew that was it.

It wasn’t just that that game was new and was cool but it really changed the way people looked at the hobby – it really made you think about background, motivation and your character’s place in the world. Actually, what actually stood out the most, was not the VTM rulebook itself, but the first official scenario book Ashes to Ashes, which laid out very neatly how to tell a non-linear story with emphasis on the drama and conflict that might be present in every scene. As a teenage, fledgling Storyteller this information was invaluable and left quite an impression.

A couple of years later I discovered Magic: The Gathering. My first taste was at the convention GenCon UK where Wizards of the Coast were demoing the newly released Revised base edition. I was quickly hooked and so were my friends when I showed them the game after I got home. As a fan of both the Vampire RPG and the Magic CCG it was only natural to take up V:TES (or Jyhad as it was originally called) as soon as it was released. I have many fond memories of taking over tables in the common room of our sixth form college with our V:TES games, and sometimes even missing lessons to allow the games to finish.

Collectible card games were something of a phenomenon and V:TES was not the only one that I invested in. I also collected quite a bit of the Babylon 5 and Doomtown CCGs too – the thing in common with all three games was that they were primarily multi-player games and encouraged socialising and a high degree of player interaction. V:TES of course is the standout in this respect in the way it encourages you to bluff and manipulate the other players at your table.

Because of this social element, V:TES has attracted probably the most interesting fan base of any game I have ever seen. I attend official tournaments not just to play V:TES but to catch up with many people that I regard as my friends, and international events have given me an opportunity to meet great people from all over the world. I am proud to be a fan of the game, and a member of the VEKN.

V:TES has also achieved something very rare and very special within the games industry – it has come back from the dead due to the loyalty and support of the fans. Although the game is currently out of print again, I remain hopeful that this could happen again, and that I will still be playing at big events like the EC for many years to come.


The Returned – Epilogue

Thanks to all of you for participating in the Returned Storyline event. In way of thanks I offer a bonus, seventh vampire to allow you to continue the Returned League for another month (see below).

Remember that those of you attending the EC are welcome to use all of the Returned vampires in friendly games (regardless of League results).

Although you do not need to send me your Returned League results, I would be interested in any feedback you might have about the event format or the crypt cards that were offered.

I also intend to continue this Storyline Diary in a similar spirit, and would welcome any suggestions for new cards or new game formats that I would include here in future posts for the benefit of the V:TES community.


Returned Vampire # 7 – Vlad Tepes, Dracula

In the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, Vlad Tepes is a master schemer and manipulator that has always approached the world on his own terms. Schooled in the Ottoman court from a young age to be a political puppet, as an adult he turned upon hjs former masters and fought fiercely for the independence of his homeland Wallachia. He developed a reputation for cruelty and ruthlessness even before he become a creature of the night.

He encountered vampires as a mortal and was fascinated, but refused to be influenced by them. The circumstances of his Embrace were scandalous – he kidnapped the Tzsimice elder Lambach Ruthven and took his blood by force to complete his transformation. In the centuries since he has become an enigmatic and legendary figure. He is rumoured to have been in many places, fought in many battles, and to have been responsible for the demise of many Kindred. Over the years he has spent time with the Camarilla, the Sabbat and the Inconnu but few are sure where his true allegiances lie.






Mike Nudd, VEKN Storyline Coordinator

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