Continental Championships

Septembre 21st, 2016

Each year, the V:EKN organizes invitational Continental Championship tournaments. Players receive invitations by doing well in any of a series of qualifying events held around the world.

The V:EKN is coordinating five invitational V:TES Continental Championship tournaments: in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

How to Qualify

To play in a Continental Championship (CC) tournament that is not an open event (such as the Asian Continental Championship), players will first have to qualify.

A qualification is valid for the first of each of the upcoming Continental Championship tournaments (even if it takes place the year after).

For instance, if you qualify during a tournament that takes place after the NAC 2015 and before the EC 2015, you are qualified for the NAC 2016 (since the NAC 2015 is passed) and the upcoming EC 2015.

Here is the list of qualification opportunities :

  • Playing the final of a Continental Championship.
  • Playing the final of a National Championship (NC).
  • Winning a standard constructed tournament of 8 or more players.
  • Scoring 1 GW or more in a Continental Championship Qualifier (CCQ). Ending 2nd in a final is not enough if you don’t have scored a GW.
  • To reward the organizers who put so much time and effort into organizing these events, organizing a CCQ but not playing in it.
  • To reward the judges who put so much time and effort into handling these events, judging a CCQ but not playing in it.

Special rule: to play the Australian Continental Championship, you only need to score 1.5 VP or more in a 2R+F CCQ event, or 2 VP or more in a 3R+F CCQ event.

Remarks :

  • In all cases, the qualification is never passed down to another player (even if the qualified player was already qualified). Players that are already qualified are not handled any differently in other qualifiers. They can continue to qualify in each qualifier in which they play.
  • Event organizers may play in regular tournaments and qualify if they win the tournament. The multi-judge system may be used as per VEKN tournament rules.
  • In addition, the results of the tournament must be submitted.

A player can attend more than one Regional Qualifier.

Championship Format

There are two formats for the championship tournaments. Each Championship will be run in one of these formats.

Standard Championship Format

The standard format is a normal 3-rounds tournament with a final round, following the standard V:EKN rules for constructed deck tournaments (but in which only qualified players are allowed to play, of course).

Tiered Championship Format
The tiered format is basically two tournaments. The top forty players from the first tournament continue on to the second. Players may change cards or whole decks before the second tournament. Each tournament is three rounds. The final, if any, of the first tournament has no bearing on the second.

List of Qualified Players

Asian Championship

Date: TBA
Venue: TBA
Webite: TBA

Australian Championship

Date: TBA
Venue: TBA
Webite: TBA

European Championship

Warsaw (Poland): 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of August 2018
Venue: Airport Plaza Hotel
Website: WWW.EC2018.PL

North American Championship

Columbus, Ohio (USA): TBA
Venue: Origins

South American Championship

Date: TBA
Venue: TBA
Webite: TBA