The V:EKN is pleased to announce that the V:TES Artwork Database has now officially moved to the website.

It can be found under the "Resources" menu or at this link:

The V:TES Artwork Database celebrates the professional artwork of V:TES cards, which have contributed to the rich world and unique identity of V:TES over the past 18 years. The database tracks the location and ownership of original pieces of V:TES artwork (and sketches). It was first started 8 years ago by Eric Chiang, where it quickly found a home at the V:TES in L.A. website with the help of Robert Goudie. Over the past couple of years, updates have become less frequent but with the new momentum of the V:EKN website, it is past time to update the database and give it a more permanent home.

During the past week, Ginés Quinoñero has been instrumental in helping to set up the new webpage for the database. Eric Chiang has been porting over the data, and updating it to verify that the previously listed information is still correct. We are now about half way through updating the older entries and at this point, we are mainly just waiting to hear back from various artwork owners.

If you own any original V:TES artwork and would like to be included in the V:TES Artwork Database, please contact Eric Chiang (). Similarly, if you know the whereabouts or have any leads on the location of V:TES originals, please let us know and we can follow up on them. 

Finally, I would like to encourage players (both elders and neonates alike) to consider acquiring V:TES artwork. You would be supporting professional artists who have contributed to the game, helping to preserve the history of V:TES, and sprucing up your living environment with some fashionable, conversation-starting art. Alternatively, event organizers can consider using original artwork (or prints) as unique prizes for their local tournaments, as Jeff Thompson (The Lasombra) has done on numerous occasions.

The V:TES Artwork Database will continue to grow, develop, and improve over the upcoming year. Please feel free to share any feedback or suggestions you might have, as well as point out any errors you detect. Thank you for your interest and participation.


Eric Chiang (V:EKN Inner Circle)