Greetings from the V:EKN Design Team!

We're glad to announce that Round Two of playtest has begun! We're grateful for the effort and feedback that the playtesters gave into Round One, and the information they've provided us has allowed us to further shape, mold, and refine the set. To a large extent, the playtesters have more experience with playtesting V:TES cards than we designers have with designing them. As such, it's imperative that we in the Design Team trust the playtest teams, and as much as we're designing the cards, the playtest teams have a very clear and direct effect on how these cards develop. We very much look forward to their feedback in Round Two!

So, how is the set shaping up? As we mentioned previously, the crypt will be entirely Group 5 Sabbat, filling in and rounding out needs and holes for the standard Sabbat clans. As for the library, we are indeed developing Sabbat-specific political actions. It's a tough challenge to come up with a political action card on the level of Reckless Agitation or (gasp!) Parity Shift that is still interesting and creative in its own way. We're presently testing half a dozen or so political actions, some being pool loss/redistribution schemes, some being something else entirely. As always, we'll see what the playtesters do with them and what feedback they give us, and eventually one or more of these cards will make their way into your hands.

What do we mean by "eventually"? Right now, we're looking at a summer release for this set. We'll have a much clearer picture of a release date as we move into Round Three and as more of the artwork is created. Now that we're a second round into the playtest process, we'll have more frequent Designers' Diary updates for you. We'll do another one at the end of March, so stay tuned!

The V:EKN Design Team