We're more than a bit overdue with a progress for you all, so here's the latest update:

The fourth and final round of playtest is presently underway! Many thanks to our playtesters, whose testing, deck lists, game reports, and feedback have enabled us to get the cards near to a publishable state. The final cuts have been made, and this last round is mainly about power tuning and tightening up the card text templating. All cards have artists commissioned for them, and the artists are working away on them. We have a bunch of finished pieces already, and we're thrilled with the level of quality. As the artwork nears completion, we'll be better able to make announcements about the release date and the sneak preview schedule.

The set itself is named Danse Macabre. It consists of 36 cards - 14 library cards and 22 crypt cards. It's focussed on the main Sabbat clans, and the crypt cards are all in Group 5. The library cards focus on helping the weaker Sabbat clans: Brujah antitribu, Gangrel antitribu, and Nosferatu antitribu. Other library cards include (but are not exclusive to) Sabbat-specific political actions and cards for the Black Hand.

Amazingly, we didn't see anyone post a spoiler of the artwork for the set by Heather Kreiter which she had on display at Origins, so here it is, plus one from another artist:


By Christel Espenkrona


By Heather Kreiter

We have a couple more diary entries typed up and ready to publish, but posting them all at once would make this entry rather long, so we'll post them over the next few days. Stay tuned!

- The VEKN Design Team