Dear fellow Methuselahs,

It has been awfully quiet around the V:EKN so here comes a much awaited and needed update. And there is good news, the project of bringing V:TES back into print through a print-on-demand program with Onebookshelf, Inc. is advancing well. There are and have been a couple of difficulties to tackle: the printing process and quality, as well as dealing with two licensing parties (CCP and WotC).

CCP has agreed in principle to the license. Wizards first required us to demonstrate that the card quality can be achieved. We have now passed this milestone. We now continue to work with Wizards business team to agree in principle to license terms. If Wizards agree, then we will proceed to work through the legal departments at both CCP and Wizards, which can take some time. We are making progress, but it is a slow process.

A lot of the ideas gathered from the marketing teams survey and personal conversations have been gathered from the player base and they have been the foundation of the customer commercial side of the program. As soon as the deal is coming together and financials are more clear we will start leaking details, such as pricing and ordering options to you. I might also add that our rules team is working on many detailed card text updates so all of the POD cards will have the latest text versions on them, many of them incorporating clarifications and errata given by LSJ or Pascal. It seems currently that not all of the 3500 something cards will be available from the get-go, especially since all of the cards will have the same (latest) layout. So it will be a gradual process of adding cards, new to old, as the old cards get re-layouted (a very time consuming and tedious task).

In the meantime we have put the PDF release of Danse Macabre on ice and will wait for the POD program to release the set, which seems to be the preferred option with the majority of players. Nevertheless there will be some previews of cards over the next months and of course you are free to play them yourself at your own discretion, unless playing in a sanctioned tournament of course.

In other news the preparation of the European Championship is going on very well and a venue has been found, more details to come from the organisation team.

Qualifier shirts have been produced in cooperation between the marketing team and and can be ordered in qualifier packs.

North American Championship has found its permanent home in Origins so of course this will be the same fantastic and worthwhile experience as in previous years. Kevin Mergen is working on a plan to provide people with the 2013 qualifier shirts on preorder, check out the poll on Facebook

The team working on the new rating integration with Archon upload functionality has now fixed a date for public release, which will be Sunday May 5th. This will not only include the website functionality, but also a (required) new version of The Archon and some detailed use guidelines.

Last but not least there is a new rules update coming, Pascal is currently finalizing it and it should be up by the weekend.

So, again, apologies for the long silence, I promise more frequent updates.

Johannes Walch
V:EKN Chairman