Fellow V:TES Enthusiasts,

the V:EKN has now been working together with onebookshelf inc. for about a year to bring you a print-on-demand program for V:TES. Despite our best effort and a positive outlook for many months we were finally not able to seal a deal with all involved parties. So for the time being there will be no print-on-demand program. I am very sad about this development, but rest assured all humanly possible has been done to make this work. There might be a different situation in the future, but I am sure there will be no update before middle of 2014.

With this perspective we need to do something to inject this game with fresh material and keep it alive and kicking as much as possible so the V:EKN Inner Circle has decided to release Danse Macabre as a fan-created, free set in PDF format, which will be legal for constructed tournament play. The set is actually complete and we are doing the last steps of post-production so it should be ready for the EC. Pascal will make a more detailed announcement on when the cards will be legal. The Design Team will start previewing the cards early next week.

I also would like to personally ask the community to not show any outrage towards any involved party you might think is responsible for this. It will not help our cause. Feel free to express your polite disappointment, but keep it in line. You will be doing me and the game a huge favor.

Thanks and see you at the EC in Stockholm,

Johannes Walch

V:EKN Chairman