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07 Jun 2019 00:31 #95289 by ghost
Hey there, Wes Weston from Toronto here. Formerly prince of Windsor, Ontario, and long ago quite involved with the V:tES usenet forum, tourney scene in Detroit and Toronto, writing clan newsletters and strategy articles, and of course I was quite involved with JOL (I started the JOL league, and ran the yearly online tournaments there).

I think I've probably met and played with many of you over the years.

With the revival of the game under Black Chantry, we've had a resurgence of interest in the game here in Toronto and neighbouring Hamilton, and it was suggested to me that we should probably take a look at the roles of Princes in this area, in the interest of promoting the game locally, and also figuring out someone to be the national coordinator, since Canada for some reason does not have one, and it seems to us that it would be useful if we did.

I would like to therefore humbly ask if fellow Canadians will allow me to step into this role. Should anyone else be interested, of course, I am happy to put it to a vote.

Should no one raise any objections over the next week or so, I will start to make arrangements.

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07 Jun 2019 12:59 #95303 by CrazyCatTim
I'm a total noob to the game (well, I guess I've been playing for basically a year, as I learned at Origins '18), and Wes has been instrumental in maintaining our playgroup in Southern Ontario. This is my vote of support for Wes as coordinator.

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