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11 Feb 2019 18:49 #93422 by Hakuron
Hi folks,

we will run a release event Sunday, and I wanted to have "5th starters" (of course in group 4/5) in case of player numbers that result in 5 player tables (to avoid clan contests).

Here are two decks I would like to share with you (and of which I hope they "fit in"):

Deck Name: Starter G45 Malkavian antitribu

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=3 max=8 avg=5.58)
2x Apache Jones 5 aus for obf DEM !Malkavian:4
2x Beauregard Krueller 4 aus dem obf !Malkavian:4
2x Drozodny 7 pre AUS DEM OBF !Malkavian:5
2x Hagar Stone 6 obf AUS DEM !Malkavian:5
1x Jackie 3 DEM !Malkavian:4
1x Luc 5 dem vic OBF !Malkavian:4
1x Persephone Tar-Anis 8 cel pot AUS DEM OBF !Malkavian:4
1x Stavros 7 dem AUS OBF PRE !Malkavian:4

Library (77 cards)
Master (13)
1x Archon Investigation
4x Blood Doll
1x Dementation
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Giant's Blood
1x Life Boon
1x Retribution
1x Sudden Reversal
1x Visit from the Capuchin
1x Wider View

Action (17)
2x Call, The
1x Conceal
12x Kindred Spirits
2x Madman's Quill

Equipment (1)
1x Enchanted Marionette

Action Modifier (21)
2x Cloak the Gathering
7x Confusion
2x Elder Impersonation
2x Eyes of Chaos
2x Faceless Night
2x Lost in Crowds
2x Mind Tricks
2x Spying Mission

Reaction (13)
5x On the Qui Vive
5x Telepathic Misdirection
3x Wrong and Crosswise

Combat (5)
5x Dodge

Combo (7)
2x Deny
1x Hide the Mind
2x Swallowed by the Night
2x Touch of Clarity

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Deck Name: Starter G45 Ventrue antitribu

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=3 max=8 avg=6)
2x Aimery Methuin 7 ani pot AUS DOM FOR !Ventrue:5
2x Jefferson Foster 6 for tha AUS DOM !Ventrue:4
1x Jephta Hester 5 aus DOM FOR !Ventrue:4
1x Kestrelle Hayes 6 dom for obt AUS !Ventrue:5
1x Louis de Maisonneuve 5 aus dom obf FOR !Ventrue:4
1x Mariel St. John 6 dom pro AUS FOR !Ventrue:4
1x Neighbor John 5 dom for AUS !Ventrue:4
1x Polly Kay Fisher 8 for pot AUS DOM THA !Ventrue:4
1x Titus Camille 8 for AUS DOM OBF !Ventrue:4
1x Ulrike Rothbart 3 dom for !Ventrue:4

Library (77 cards)
Master (13)
1x Anarch Troublemaker
1x Barrens, The
2x Blood Doll
1x Corporate Hunting Ground
1x Marrakesh Codex, The
1x Misdirection
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The
1x Sudden Reversal
2x Vessel
1x WMRH Talk Radio

Action (13)
1x Abbot
1x Far Mastery
10x Govern the Unaligned
1x Revelations

Equipment (3)
1x .44 Magnum
1x Ivory Bow
1x Kevlar Vest

Retainer (1)
1x Mr. Winthrop

Action Modifier (9)
2x Bonding
4x Conditioning
1x Daring the Dawn
2x Seduction

Reaction (22)
3x Deflection
2x Delaying Tactics
2x Eagle's Sight
2x Enhanced Senses
3x Eyes of Argus
2x Forced Awakening
2x My Enemy's Enemy
3x On the Qui Vive
3x Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (16)
3x Indomitability
3x Skin of Steel
3x Soak
2x Target Vitals
5x Weighted Walking Stick

Created with Secret Library v0.9.4e. (Feb 11, 2019 20:48:36)

National Coordinator Germany
Toreador Prince of Darmstadt, Heart of the Jugendstil

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01 Apr 2019 19:53 #94330 by Clamatius
Thanks very much for these deck lists! Our group is new to the game and the cardpool is forbiddingly large, so making new decks is tough.

We tried a couple of games with the 4 precons and the Walking Stick deck above. Worked well, the power level of the deck seems very comparable with the preconstructed decks.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Hakuron

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