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02 Aug 2018 08:27 - 02 Aug 2018 08:28 #89538 by TapeTaChatte
Now that Ropecon is behind us, I can already give some information about the final table that will be held during Friday tournament final, or if any finalist in common, will be held after Friday tournament final

with 28 points tied:
Nicola Lonardi 1st seed
Danilo Torrisi 2nd seed (randomly decided)

with 25 points tied:
Mika Nurmikolu 3rd seed
Raul Olvera Abellan 4th seed
David Farkas 5th seed (randomly decided)

Should some of those players not be here, I already know the 2 first players to enter the final (as last seed):
Alain Greiner (about 40 points)
Martin Weinmayer (about 35 points)
then I am in need of complete Budapest and Helsinki results to get more information

For the finalists:
- you can take whatever deck you like
- time limit is 2h, normal standard constructed rules apply
- I'll be the final judge except if I am playing the friday tournament final
- any question should be asked here or in private

We'll have a lot of prizes.
First, the 5 players qualified will enter for free the EC if they show up.
They also will be able to directly enter day 2 (they can of course participate to the other tournaments)

Then, we'll have some nice prizes from our sponsors

We'll also have a nice trophy for the winner and some additional stuff to distribute to people who did at least 3 Grand Prix. They will have to come during the final or be represented to get their prize.

I'd also like to congratulate the 3 First GRAND PRIX GLOBETROTTER
Alain Greiner
Vincent Ripoll
Martin Weinmayer

who attended 4 GP's this year!

I will give an additional prize to the person predicting the number of vp's in the final.

You can only give your solution once. You cannot edit it. You have to give your solution before the 23rd of august 2018 at midnight.

I'll take a splittable prize so prize will be split between good answers if there are many.
You'll have to get it on site or have somebody get it for you.

For example, I would guess:
Nicola 2,5VP GW
Danilo 0,5
Mika 0
Raul 0
David 0,5

If a player gets replaced, the bet will be taken into account with his replacement. For example, if the above case, if Raul is not here, and Alain takes his place, then we'll consider my bet was chosen with Alain in the final.

Any questions?
I am waiting!

IC Organized play coordinator
Please contact me with any OP query using the mail in my profile

TTC talks about v:tes
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