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15 Feb 2020 01:38 - 15 Feb 2020 01:44 #98977 by Lönkka
I made a centralized GP page for this 2019-2020 season. And it can, and will be, reused for all future years too by just changing the cover picture.

All the different Grand Prix Tournaments are now events by this one central Grand Prix page at Facebook instead of being all over the place.

So now you need to remember just one page when you want to dig up info on Grand Prix tour. Please remember also to like this central GP page as to get info through it when new events are made (basically next Season's events as all the 2019-2020 Season's events are already created).

Below are the events for this Season's GP:

(Italy was already in November 2019 so that ship sailed a while ago but there is still plenty of material regarding it at the Central GP page)

Mar 07th in Cordoba, Spain

Mar 21st in Darmstadt, Germany

Apr 25th in Stockholm, Sweden

May 30th in Prague, Czech Republic

Jun 06th in Marseille, France

Jul 25th in Helsinki, Finland (Finals at EC)

NC, Finland
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