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12 Dec 2014 19:01 - 19 Jan 2015 08:24 #68142 by Pendargon
Tournament was held at Dom Omladine, on o7.12.2014. We had an astonishing turnout of 20 players, and decided we will play 3 rounds + final, instead of anounced 2 rounds + final.
After a whole day of epic V:TES struggle, Djordje Sutic managed to win with his Lucian the perfect bruise/bleed deck! Congratulations!

Return of the Lost 2104
Belgrade, Serbia
December 07th, 2014
3R + F
20 players
Djordje Sutic

Deck Name : Lucian the Perfect
Author : Shootic
Description :

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 11 average: 7.08333

5x Lucian, the Perfect 11 ANI AUS DOM OBF POT PRE Guruhi:4
2x Fish 5 ANI POT pre Guruhi:4
1x Black Lotus 5 DOM aus obf ser Follower :4
1x Cristos Mantigo 5 aus cel dom obf pre !Toreador:3
1x Fode Kourouma 5 POT ani aus pre Guruhi:4
1x Keith Moody 3 DOM !Tremere:4
1x Misrak 2 pot Osebo:4

Library [90 cards]

Action [11]
1x Bum's Rush
4x Deep Song
3x Govern the Unaligned
2x Revelations
1x Well-Marked

Action Modifier [14]
2x Conditioning
4x Edge of the World
2x Enkil Cog
3x Mind of the Wilds
1x Strange Day
2x Tangle Atropos' Hand

Ally [1]
1x Mylan Horseed (Goblin)

Combat [29]
1x Canine Horde
7x Carrion Crows
5x Immortal Grapple
4x Slam
3x Target Vitals
4x Taste of Vitae
2x Terror Frenzy
3x Torn Signpost

Equipment [2]
1x Codex of the Edenic Groundskeepers
1x Heart of Nizchetus

Master [15]
1x Dabbler
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Jake Washington (Hunter)
1x Marrakesh Codex, The
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Palace Hunting Ground
2x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Powerbase: Luanda
1x Subdued by the Blood
5x Villein

Reaction [18]
6x Deflection
2x Delaying Tactics
1x Eyes of Argus
2x On the Qui Vive
4x Read the Winds
3x Sense the Savage Way

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12 Dec 2014 19:14 #68143 by Pendargon
To get a clearer idea of the meta, i have put down what people played, quite varied :
Djordje Sutic : Lucian the perfect bruise/bleed
Djordje Bjelajac : Lasobra G2 Vote
Stevan Krkelic : Tariq eats the world
Ivan Jelisavcic : Ventrue Grinder
Vladimir Nikolic : Inner circle vote
Dusan Kosanovic : Assamite Black hand g4/5
Srdjan Milojevic : Malk S/B
Vedran Simunec : Malk AUS weenie anarch wall
Vladimir Saulic : Bigcap Gangrel block
Denes Madzar Kocis : Lutz vote
Mirko Marinkovic : Shambling hordes with Guillaume Giovanni
Milos Krstic : Enkidu beats up everyone
Vladimir Maric : Unnamed shatter the gates
Nikica Novakovic : Salubri spirit marionette bleed
Milan Popovic : Gangrel toolbox
Srdjan Stankovic : Nosferatu royalty g1/2
Visnja Ilic : Akunanse Toolbox
Predrag Savic : Cock Robin & friends vote/bleed
Eleonora Sergijevic : Kiyasid S/B
Goran Damjanic : Nephandi

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12 Dec 2014 20:08 #68145 by Pendargon
And, since I managed to get to the finals with my modest deck, and had huge fun doing it, i will put down a small tournament report.

After going through the trouble of raising this many methuselahs from torpor, i was quite tired, and decided to play one of my old favorite decks, Assamite black hand toolboxish deck, now starring new vampire Karif Al-Numair (best vampire that Assamites got in long time). If anyone is interested, will post decklist.

Anyway : round one

Lutz Vote > me Assamite black hand > Malk S/B > Malk AUS weenie anarch > Gangrel Block.

I go second, but my prey opens up with two consecutive Zillah's valleys and out pops Lutz before i managed to transfer out Karif. To add insult to injury, his third master is Monastery of Shadows. Awesome. Lutz and friends start to pummel me with bleeds and votes. I Villein Karif for a lot, bloat a little, bring out Djuhah and get tatoo signal, and bloat more, lauching an opportune bleed or two at Malkavian when i get a chance.
Meanwhile, S/B is not managing to go through AUS weenie, and it is taking toll on both of them, and Torvus Bloodbeard cross-table finally gets a raven spy (which helps some with Lutz and votes), and tries to deep-song Lutz once or twice, only to be foiled by majesty.
At opportune time, i manage to bounce Lutz's bleed for 3 to my malkavian prey who started influencing his third vampire in effort to get through AUS weenies (HA, superior AUS on Assamites, trickery!), and finish him off with two Loss bleeds. One VP. And thats where my game ended, as in two more turns Lutz finished me off in style. Torvus and co won the table, after they managed to finally beat up Lutz, followed up by beating up AUS weenies.
Me : 1 VP

Round two :
AUS weenies anarch > Me Assamite black hand > Kyasid S/B > Gangrel toolbox > Lasobra G2 vote

AUS weenie start strong, by putting in turn 2 constant revolution. I go to take it down with Karif with my first action, Victoria blocks, and i beat her up to torpor. This leaves AUS weenies thinking i have a lot more combat than i actually do, so they blocked mostly my bloat actions, leaving me some room to set up. I pull out Karif, villein him, out comes Djuhah, and i manage to put on Tatoo signal at 4 stealth ( lasobra ate a lot of intercept turn before). Then, table started falling apart, as Kyasid (Who bled heavily into Gangrel, of course) got her biggest vampire burned by archon investigation. When she started influencing another Arcadian, i played Khabar : Glory, revelations (took out bounce), and ousted her with light stealth and 2x loss bleeds. 10 pool baby. I started influencing Izhim abd Azrael. Gangrel was in poor position, as he could not vote thanks to Lasombra votelock, and was in low pool thanks to Kyasid. After Izhim pops out, i play another Khabar : Glory, oust gangrel (10 more pool, baby!), and beat up another AUS dork who tried to protect newly-placed smiling jack.
Lasombra is at that time in poor state, with vampires drained from paying for obtenebration stealth. Ambrosio Luis Moncada goes down to target vitals from AUS weenies, i beat up another dork that still defended Jack, and oust Lasobra who only had one vampire in play next turn. I influence out my 4th vampire Joe boot Hill with all the new pool, and it is game over, as AUS weenie has only Victoria on one blood and 1-cap franciscus.
Table sweep 5 VP's weeeeeee

Round 3 :
And that was it for my good fortunes for the tournament , but i did not know it yet
Enkidu > me Assamite black hand > Cock Robin bleed/vote > Nephandi >> Ventrue grinder

Enkidu smashed Karif as soon as he came out. I struggled meekly for a round or two, dodging and trying to go to long, but my combat cards were not coming in, and off to torpor i went. Then Enkidu burned Lodin. Nephandi finished crippled grinder quickly, but were taking the pain from KRC's at stealth that Nossies were churning out. I take out Djuhah, Djuhah eats torpor. Some dork equips codex of edenic groundskeeper, and i am dead. Nossies take out nephandi, but are unable to stop enkidu. Enkidu gets 3 vps and GW. There was a crucial moment in the game when Nosferatus have decided to play giant's blood. I pleaded to play them on Karif, as that would give me chance if nothing, to stall Enkidu some more, but he refilled half-full Baron Dieudonne. After that, there was no return...
0 vp's

Much to my amazement, i was in the finals!!! lowest seed, tho, so i had no influence on my options.
And it was :
me Assamite black hand > Lucian the perfect bruise/bleed> Spirit marionette > Nephandi > Enkidu

For me, game went just as round 3. Karif got out, got smashed. Djuhah got out, got smashed too. But, on the other hand, Enkidu was not in pleasant position as Antonio d' Arlette got immediately secure heaven, and started churning nephandi quickly. Salubri did their thing, i got rescued some, hunted, got beat up more. I pleaded for Renewed Vigor to go my way, but ultimately got rejected. Lucian beat up some salubri, they rescued and gotten reffiled, and around 1 hour mark, i was first to die to stupid Andre leRoux enhancing himself through cel dorks, companions of enkidu.
Then, a game of balance ensued, as Enkidu was unable to beat around the table thanks to the threat of evergrowing nephandi, and table stalled a bit. But, eventually Salubri managed to oust nephandi through some stealthy bleeds and moving robert carter around with heidelberg, then survive Enkidu's fury with a lot of Anestethic touches. Then Enkidu also fell to moving bleed permanents at stealth, and in head to head Lucian managed to secure 2 vps and a tournament final with coup-de-grace bleed for 10 (govern + conditioning+enkil cog_ under strange day for 2-2-1 table split, and tournament win through being highest seed!!

Awesome tournament, for years Belgrade did not have a tournament with 20 players, and we could have had more, if some of the people that promised to turn up honored their word. Hopefully, we will soon manage to organize another one, and enjoy this lovely game again like in the nights of old :-D

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13 Dec 2014 10:05 #68149 by Revenant
Nice tournament,i hope we will have more of them soon:)

Remove kebab,Enkidu strong! :P

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