31 Aug 2015 13:10 - 07 Oct 2015 10:12 #72837 by fmcpce
30 August 2015, 10:00 – 16:00
Continental Qualifier
3R + F
10 Players


PEDRO RAMISES MARTINS (#7300100) - Tournament Winning Deck with 3 VPs in the final.

DECK NAME: Meninos da vadiagem

CRYPT: 12 cards
1x Emerson Bridges: 8, pot DOM FOR PRE, Ventrue: 1
2X Sir Walter Nash: 7, DOM FOR PRE, Ventrue: 1
1x Jazz Wentworth: 5, dom for PRE, Ventrue: 1
1x Courtland Leighton: 4, dom for pre, Ventrue: 1
1X Violette Prentiss : 4, dom PRE, Ventrue: 1
1x Gideon Fontaine: 3, PRE, Ventrue: 1
1x Roland Loussarian: 3, for pre, Ventrue: 1
1x Delilah Easton: 2, pre, Toreador: 1
1x Frederick the Weak: 2, pre, Brujah! : 2
1x Antoinette DuChamp: 1, cel pre, Catiff: 2
1x Igo – The Hungry: 1, pre pro, Caitiff: 1

LIBRARY : 87 Cards
MASTER: 13 Cards
1x Anarch Revolt
1x Dominate
5x Effective Management
1x Elysium: The Palace of Versailles
2X Legendary Vampire
1x Misdirection
2x Tribute to the master

Action: 9 Cards
6x Enchant Kindred
1X Entrancement
2x The fourth Tradition: The Accounting

Political Actions: 22 cards
4x Autarkis Persecution
1x Consanguineous Condemnation
2x Conservative Agitation
1x Disputed Territory
9x Kine Resources Contested
1x Political Flux
1x Praxis Seizure: Berlin
1x Praxis seizure: Geneva
1X Praxis seizure: London
1x Praxis seizure: Paris
8X Bewitching Oration
4x Conditioning
3x Freak Drive
6x Voter Captivation

COMBAT: 11 Cards
1x Concealed Weapon
1x Indomitability
5x Majesty
3x Rolling with the punches
1x Soak

REACTION: 11 Cards
5x Deflection
2x Redirection
4x Wake with Evening’s Freshness

Baron Márcio (The Ugly)
VEKN ID - 6050012
:anarch: :nosf: :pro: :OBF: :PRE: :POT: :cap7:
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31 Aug 2015 18:51 #72840 by kpram
Concealed Weapon, but no weapons? Ash heap trolling for the win?

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31 Aug 2015 23:20 #72843 by Pascek
Yes, he actually FORGOT to put weapons and found out during the 1st round!

:bruj: :DOM::FOR::POT::PRE::PRO:
Roberto Mautone Jr.

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