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National Championship Czech Republic 08. September 2018.
23 Players
Deck: Emerald Legionnaire Block G3/4
Winner: Martin Weinmayer
2GW 10VP Prerounds finishing Topseed. 5VP In Finals.

1st Round: 1GW 5VP
Me -> Malk Royality -> Maris&Lutz -> Daughters Vote -> Gabrin Block
My block Predator didnt allow me any action at the start of the game, so it took a while until i got my Wraith Allies running. Fortunately for me my Prey contested Rachel Brandywine with my Grandprey. A First Tradition in play let me "lock" up the table, swarming them down to 2 Pools. Pentex Subversion took care of Gabrin in the Headsup.

2nd Round: 1GW 3VP
Stanislava Bleed -> Carna Wall -> Me -> Valkyrie Swarm Bleed
The Bowl of Convergence on Aisling with Carna accompanying her on the table made me go very slow again. With 20min on the clock i got into a deflection battle with the Carna player (3 deflect vs 2 deflect+DI) backousting him. At this point Stanislava was out of cards, and without pressure i raced down the Valkyrie Deck before they would oust the defenseless Stanislava deck.

3rd Round: 2VP
Una Multiact -> Me -> Armin Brenner -> Lasombra Bleed/Vote
An early Direct Intervention on Unas Freak Drive gave me enough time to setup a solid Legionnaire defense to survive Unas 2nd turn. With Una fully equipped and with Eternal Vigilance, i was forced to let my prey kill the Una deck, splitting the table 2-2.

Final Round: 1GW 5VP
Maris&Lutz -> Masika Block/Guns -> Me -> Daughters Vote -> Trujah Vote/Bleed
Despite Masikas relentless attempts to block all of my actions, i was able to setup some early Legionnaires with Unmasking, which completely shutdown my Prey. In the last 30min everyone was lunging forward, and my Legion Swarm had the better end of it. Masika found himself Pentexed to secure the last VPs.

Final Words:
Having an aggressive prey, while there was no to little combat at the tables to stop the Legionnaire Swarm, was a huge advantage.

Big Thanks to Karel Vaigl for his support to the Austrian Visitors.
Thanks to the Organizers to create a friendly and good atmosphere to play V:TES!
I was happy to meet a lot of new players and "old" returning players at the tournament :)
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