check TWD: Miércoles Infernal (Barcelona)

21 Apr 2019 13:05 - 21 May 2019 13:30 #94595 by Glinlos
Miércoles Infernal
Barcelona, Spain
17 april 2019
14 players

Tomàs López Jiménez winning deck with 3VP in the final

Deck Name: Scout & Friends
Author: Tomás Lopez

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=6 max=9)
3x Arishat 6 DAI OBF PRE Baali:6
4x Scout Youngwood 8 for qui MEL OBF PRE Daughter of Cacophony:6
3x Undele 9 obf pre ser CEL FOR Ishtarri:5
1x Dark Selina 9 dom for CEL POT PRE Brujah antitribu:5
1x Dmitra Ilyanova 9 obf CEL FOR POT PRE Brujah:5

Library: 90 cards

Master (30 cards)
2x Heidelberg Castle, Germany
2x Information Highway
9x Minion Tap
1x Monastery of Shadows
2x Paris Opera House
2x Parthenon, The
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Barrens, The
8x Zillah's Valley
1x Command Performance
1x Dreams of the Sphinx

Action (11 cards)
3x Entrancement
8x Concert Tour

Action Modifier (23 cards)
2x Elder Impersonation
2x Faceless Night
2x Forgotten Labyrinth
6x Freak Drive
2x Lost in Crowds
1x Perfect Paragon
4x Bewitching Oration
4x Voter Captivation

Action Modifier/Combat (1 cards)
1x Force of Personality

Political Action (14 cards)
7x Kine Resources Contested
1x Meddling of Semsith, The
4x Reckless Agitation
2x Banishment

Combat (4 cards)
4x Majesty

Combat/Reaction (1 cards)
1x Abandoning the Flesh

Ally (4 cards)
1x Member of the Entourage
1x Mylan Horseed
1x Ossian
1x Carlton Van Wyk

Equipment (2 cards)
2x Heart of Nizchetus
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21 Apr 2019 16:26 #94601 by Lech
11 vampires?

:laso: :CEL: :DOM: :OBT: :POT: :cap8:
Sabbat.Black Hand Shakar: Lech loathe ranged weapons. Once each action, he may burn 1 blood to become Camarilla Prince of Krakow until the end of the action.
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22 Apr 2019 00:20 #94608 by Glinlos
I fix the list.
Its 4 Scout

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