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Campeonato Mineiro 2019
Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil
3R+ Final
20 Players
Winner: Guilherme Machado (Krieg)


Deck Name: Catlike
Author: Guilherme Machado (Krieg)

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=2 max=7 avg=4.571429)
3x Effie Lowery 5 obf ANI SPI Ahrimane:4
1x Gentha Shale 6 pot spi ANI PRE Ahrimane:4
3x Muricia 7 ANI PRE SPI Ahrimane:4
1x Sahana 5 pre pro spi ANI Ahrimane:4
2x Stick 3 ANI Nosferatu antitribu:4
1x Beetleman 4 obf ANI Nosferatu:4
1x Darlene Killian 2 ani spi Ahrimane:5

Library: 90 cards

Master (14 cards)
1x Fame
1x Hungry Coyote, The
1x KRCG News Radio
1x Archon Investigation
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Powerbase: Montreal
2x Vessel
3x Blood Doll
1x Channel 10
2x Direct Intervention

Action (12 cards)
2x Entrancement
3x Nose of the Hound
7x Deep Song

Action Modifier/Combat (10 cards)
10x Swiftness of the Stag

Combat (28 cards)
4x Target Vitals
4x Taste of Vitae
9x Aid from Bats
1x Canine Horde
10x Carrion Crows

Retainer (1 cards)
1x Mr. Winthrop

Reaction (24 cards)
3x Falcon's Eye
4x Forced Awakening
2x On the Qui Vive
8x Speak with Spirits
3x Cats' Guidance
4x Ears of the Hare

Event (1 cards)
1x Dragonbound
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